Submitting To Your Enemies Is Always A Choice. Refusing To Submit Is A Better One.

Giving up your freedoms to placate your social media masters is a fool’s errand and humiliating to boot. Resist! You’re better off without it anyway.

Massacre of the Jewish Community of Metz in 1096

When Jews were being burnt alive inside of their synagogues in medieval Europe, often by the crusaders, they sang the well-known hymn “Aleinu Leshabeach”. “We must praise the Lord of All Things, give thanks to the Creator of the universe, for not making us suffer their fate (the fate of those who were doing the burning -BP), not creating us as one of the peoples of the earth. For they kneel down before an idol (Jesus -BP) that cannot save them.”

Putting aside for the moment how this prayer illustrates the deep and seemingly unbridgeable differences between Jews and Christians that existed eight centuries years ago and may still exist today, the singing of thus hymn in extremis, on the doorstep of the most painful death imaginable, illustrates better than anything else ever could that as human beings we are endowed by our Creator with unlimited free choice, including the most important choice that we can ever make: the choice not to submit to our enemies even when, precisely when, they are much more powerful then us.

What these Jewish men, women, and children in places like Metz were telling their tormentors was that though, for reasons known only to Him, their God had chosen to abandon them to their horrific fate, they would not succumb. They wold not submit, they would not commit the sin of abandoning their God, their religion, their identity. They would die free, as free as they were born, on their own terms.

Today, there are people out there, powerful people, who constantly nudge us, manipulate us, slowly boil us like the proverbial frogs. First they get us to accept homosexuality, then “transgenderism”, pedophilia, and the outright murder of newborn babies. They treat us like retarded children, like rats in a maze, constantly presenting us with little forks in the road: choose this and you’ll get a bit of carrot, choose that and you’ll get zapped with 200 volts.

They do it, not unlike the crusader mobs that sacked synagogues, mosques, and Greek Orthodox cathedrals with equal zeal, just because they can. Because they are drunk with power and the belief in their own righteousness. Because treating us in this way makes us into obedient slaves and thus extends their power and riches even further at our expense.

But we do not have to submit. My life was as good if not better before Twitter existed and before Jack Dorsey, the modern day Goebbels was even born, to say nothing of the twisted little manipulator Mark Zuckerberg. If I have to live once again without Twitter or Facebook, I will certainly not shed a single tear. What I will not do is succumb. I will not attest that homosexuality is normal human behavior or that there are more than two sexes. I will not agree with any other of the multitude of insane dogmas du jour that our self-appointed guardians of ethics and morality will try to foist on me.

I will, as my ancestors did, pity them, because they are as evil as they are dumb and I will thank my Creator for not making me like them. You should give it a try too.

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Jay Harrison May 7, 2019 at 7:34 pm

Good article, Mr Pletner

Staff May 7, 2019 at 7:54 pm

Thank you very much!

SteveStevensen May 8, 2019 at 6:32 pm

“They would die free, as free as they were born, on their own terms.”

Sounds like our Founding Fathers. Let us explore, appreciate and embrace America’s Jewish influences…from the very formative beginning of our nation:


But let us also reflect on the bigger picture of the American Jew in contrast to the Israeli Jew. The seeds of that difference also took root as a result of our Founding Fathers:

American Ambivalence Towards Jews…half way down: http://www.britam.org/eidelberg.html

American Jews need to return to their roots and stop worrying about being “too Jewish”. The reformist movement has done great damage to Judaism in America.

Staff May 8, 2019 at 6:52 pm

Yes, I agree.

mplo October 28, 2019 at 9:16 pm

The last two sentences of this post are total BS. I don’t buy it.


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