The Genesis Revenge

Between eating babies and criminalizing religious beliefs Chaos is winning in the West, but the wicked will not long rejoice

A wonderful 16th century rendition of the She-Monster of the Deep
Copyright: Konrad Gesner (1516 – 1565) [Public domain]

Harold Bloom, a lapsed Yeshiva graduate and arguably the world’s greatest Shakespearean critic commented in his “The Book of J” that the two stories of the world’s creation (yes, there are two) in the Torah echo other Middle Eastern creation myths of even deeper antiquity, myths in which a celestial Warrior God, a Father figure who brings order to the universe, once and for all defeats a female monster of the deep, a monster that engenders nothing but the thing the ancients feared most of all and with good reason: Chaos.

The association of the female element with water and the male with the sky is global in nature; many Far Eastern cultures think of sex as a fluid element. In Japan, red light districts and their denizens are called the “Water World” and the founding deity of ancient Egypt is Ra the sun god. We know, of course, that we cannot survive without both, without the light of the sun and the waters of the womb. We must have both, but they must be well-separated and in the case of the fluid female element, well-contained. Failure to ensure this containment results in chaos, which, to my fellow Star Trek fans, is akin to a warp core breach; it allows matter and antimatter to come into uncontrolled rather than carefully orchestrated contact followed by total annihilation of both and everything around them.

The first great agrarian civilizations, those of the Tigris and Euphrates, the Nile, the Yangtze, and the Indus all saw in kingship, meaning the existence of a divinely-ordained ruler with demigod status, the largest and most significant munificence that the gods could bestow on us humans. They believed it not irrationally, but rather completely rationally, based on painful experience of their own or that of their fathers and grandfathers; an experience that told them that without a King, barbarians from the mountains raid their grain stores, kill their men, and rape their women; that without a divinely anointed ruler no irrigation canals can be designed, no knowledge of the rivers’ ebbs and floods can exist, no sowing or harvesting can be organized, and no law and order can be maintained. In short, Chaos rules.

This fear of Chaos led many Eastern societies to banish it completely. But without it there can be no innovation, no technological progress, and even the human spirit curdles up, sours, and stops producing the great works that we all know it is capable of. Gun powder is invented, but never really put to significant military use in China, the mathematical language we know by its Arabic name algebra is developed, but math never leaves the confines of the purely abstract in the world of Islam.

The societies of Ancient Greece and its offspring Rome descended not from the river valley dwellers with their priestly academia and irrigation canals and god-like kings, but specifically from their ancient nemesis the barbaric mountain dwellers. These cultures, never ones to fear mixing it up, invited Chaos in thus laying the foundations for science, technology, engineering, and personal freedoms that the Western civilization rests on. Or at least used to.

While Greece and Rome fell, their intellectual descendants, the peoples of Western Europe, managed to use Chaos productively, in fact so productively that the explosion of technology and art they had created shapes our world today in its entirety from music to rocket science and everything in between. The containment field that enabled this hyper-productive harnessing of the antimatter we call Chaos originated, strangely enough, in the utterly insignificant hill country between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea at the height of the Roman Empire and it is known to us by many different names: “morality”, “knowing good from wrong”, “righteousness”.

A shorter name for all of that is Christianity and without it there simply would be no West. It was Christianity, with all its many failings, that held Chaos in check, though today many prefer to call it the Patriarchy. Whatever may be your preferred name for the system of social and moral norms that were imposed from above by a rigid state-church hierarchy, it was precisely that system that allowed Westerners for close to half a millennium now to ignite and to keep burning, in a controlled fashion, the matter-antimatter reaction, the system of creative destruction we call humanistic capitalism.

Just recently, a British court ruled that belief in the Biblical Book of Genesis is incompatible with human dignity and that anyone who agrees with its precept that there are only two human sexes is guilty of some capital crime or other. This decision would be laughable of course, had it not had actual repercussions or actual people and had it not been but one of the myriad signs that clearly show us one thing: we are in the midst of a warp core breach.

For close to a century now, the powers of Eastern determinism, jealous of Western success and eager to use its own technological advances against it, have been trying to regain their global supremacy. These are the trifecta of China and its affiliates, Russia, and Islam. Nazi Germany, betraying its own historical alliances and shedding its Christian roots joined forces with the East, precipitating an event that still very much reverberates throughout our planet. Their endeavors on the battlefields were defeated, but they are about to win the war. They are about to win because the West placed the blame for the horrors of the 20th century wars not where it belongs, the totalitarian fascist and communist regimes of Germany, Russia, and China, but on the patriarchy and on Christianity itself. Rather than building on the victories in WWII and in the Cold War to further advance the cause of freedom, the West turned on itself and devoured the one thing that has always stood between it and self-destruction: its Christian beliefs.

This misguided and suicidal action gave birth to all the “isms” that have now all but destroyed the containment field around the forces of Chaos: feminism, liberalism, globalism. Everywhere we look in the world around us today, from the so-called “gay parades” in every (Western) city to drag queens in elementary schools, to the eco-hysteria of baby-eating fame, Chaos is on the loose and it is winning, bigly.

When God conquered the she-serpent of the Deep and the mistress of Chaos almost exactly five thousand seven hundred and eighty years ago he gave us a choice: banish her forever and lock us into a world of castes, stasis, and submission for 99% of all humans or let her be present in the world, letting her powers of destruction be harnessed for our benefit. This latter choice is the way of freedom because there can be no freedom without a little bit of controlled chaos just as there can be no free market without creative destruction. But freedom is inconceivable without responsibility and responsibility means men in suits, yes, men, making sure every minute of every day that the she-serpent is contained and that her deadly energies are released slowly, driving our progress, but not killing us in the process.

These men are long gone in the West and the serpent is on the loose around here, but it is Genesis that is going to have the last laugh, not its British banisher in a silly wig. The she-serpent will have her romp and the West will fall, but humanity is not the West and it will continue in its Eastern modality of slaves, technocrats, and elites.

I try, in my columns, to offer from time to time some pertinent practical advice and here it is: while you are not likely to end up among the elites, try not to end up a slave. If you have kids, send them to study law, medicine, or engineering. Buy lots of land and precious metals, if you can. Learn how to defend yourself with force of arms and procure these arms if you legally can. The die has been cast, chaos is here, but nothing is forever and even among the ruins, there is life.

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Josh Franken November 20, 2019 at 8:51 am

How is it there are no comments here. I’ve never heard of you before this morning and I’ve read three of your articles back to back now. I find these very interesting and entertaining insights. I have hope the west won’t utterly fall and many thing things will be saved and rebuilt quickly. But your points are many and seem in-line with history, so maybe the fall is inevitable.

Staff November 20, 2019 at 9:39 am

Thank you for your kind words. Don’t forget that a fall is never the end, only the beginning.


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