Democracy Is The First Casualty Of The Globalist World Takeover

The globalist movement is an offspring of the twin totalitarian ideologies of the 20th century, communism and fascism

George Soros, one of the leaders of the globalist movement
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A Roman soldier once came to Rabbi Akiva and demanded that he explain to him the entire Torah while standing on one foot or else. Rabbi Akiva (presumably standing on one foot) replied: “Do not do to others what you would not want them to do to you. Now go forth and study the rest!”

If someone asked me to explain democracy while standing on one foot, I would say that it is the willingness to accept political defeat and surrender power even when you don’t really have to.

Think about it: you have all the trappings of power, all the flunkies you could ever want are hanging on your every word, all the doors of power worldwide are open to you and not only that, but you are absolutely convinced that you can do the best job of leading your nation. And then you lose an election by a few percent or fractions of a percent and although you could try and figure out whether you can somehow override the election result, ferret out who in the military would be still loyal to you regardless of the results, declare an emergency and stay in office, you pack up, wave, and leave.

There is a certain set of conditions that must be met for this unnatural voluntary surrender of power. These conditions involve the trust that the elections were held in a fair manner and that your opponent and now successor substantially shares your fundamental beliefs and your goals for your country, though he may have radically different ideas how these goals may be best achieved.

This last condition is key. Democracy depends on the absolute trust that the guy who replaces you, though you may in private call him every name in the book, still wants the best for your people, including you. “Perhaps his ideas will work,” you are thinking to yourself. “Most folks seemed to have thought so.”

Then there is a second, no less important component to the peaceful transition of political power. This component involves the belief, the trust, that political power matters, that elected officials are endowed with actual power to effect change, sometimes transformational change.

Democracy, in short, rest on a trifecta of beliefs: the belief in fair elections, the belief that all candidates want the best for the country and its citizens, and the belief that once elected, officials so honored can implement the policy ideas they had run on.

Globalism has destroyed all three.

Since globalists believe that the well-being of the entire population of the planet as defined by them and them alone supersedes all other considerations, they do their utmost by rigging primary elections, collecting and disseminating kompromat, etc to prevent candidates who aren’t hand-picked by them to ever appear on the ballot. In the rare instances they fail in this endeavor they rig the general elections to stop any candidates whom they consider “beyond the pale” from winning. The more popular the anti-globalist candidate, the more blatant is the globalist subversion of the electoral system and its rigging against him.

Globalist candidates, by definition, do not want what is best for their country and its citizens. And who can blame them, since they clearly do not recognize the very concepts of country and citizenship? Globalist candidates do not care about the wellbeing of those who vote for them except as it comes to their ability to make it to the polling station. They have a totally different calculus and a different function that they seek to optimize, one in which their own country and its citizens play only a minor role if any.

Finally, the globalists are not dumb. They realize that people have an atavistic penchant for preferring their own wellbeing to those of others in remote lands and especially those others who are openly hostile to them. Globalists also realize that their ideology of preferring the interests of foreigners to those of their own people may, from time to time, breach their ramparts of rigged elections and candidate vetting and elect a non-globalist to high office.

In fact, this outcome is not entirely undesirable to the globalists because it maintains the illusion that voting matters and that the public has some sort of say in who governs them. In this, globalism is a much more sophisticated totalitarian ideology than its parents communism and fascism. Globalists realize that secret police and torture chambers are far more tedious and expensive and far less effective than the maintenance of a Matrix-like illusion of democracy. The only tricky part in this is making sure that once elected, non-globalist candidates can do nothing to oppose globalist policies.

This is accomplished via a two-pronged approach: first, elected non-globalists are offered the carrot of various incentives once they leave office if they consent to abandon the promises they had made to their voters and toe the globalist line. Very nearly all of the GOP congressional delegation, both in the House of Representatives and in the Senate routinely fall easy prey to this approach.

And then there is the final line of defense, the unelected, unaccountable, un-dismissable bureaucracy known of late as the deep state. These people simply do what they want without any regard to any supposed chain of command and what they want to do is carry out the agenda of their globalist masters. The idea behind the deep state isn’t simply to resist lawful orders given to them by their elected superiors, it is to demonstrate to them, as quickly as possible, the utter futility of issuing any orders that countermand the globalist agenda.

Given the twin choices of abandoning their non-globalist agenda, one that would in any case fail to be implemented while reaping rich rewards and on the other hand trying to ram through orders that would be resisted at every step of the way at the price of getting one’s character destroyed, fortune stolen, and family hounded, it is little wonder that ever since the globalist takeover of America in the second term of the Reagan administration there had been precisely one president who chose Door #2: president Trump.

Of all the damage done by Trump to the globalist agenda, by far the most serious from the globalists’ perspective is that his entire presidency is one big demonstration of the fact that the US is no longer a constitutional republic and that it has not been that for quite a while, in fact for longer than most Americans’ lifetimes. In mathematical terms, Trump is a singularity. He is what happens when something is divided by zero. No amount of modeling, no number of Stanford PhD’s can model a singularity or what may or may not happen after it.

The reason that a second term for Trump is, in the words of the arch-globalist Nancy Pelosi, “unacceptable”, is that while his first term is the demolition of the democracy illusion America, his second term may well be the building of something new, something that while falling quite short of restoring the constitutional republic of old, is likely to be something that the globalists may find nearly as dangerous to their agenda.

The globalists now must sacrifice something. The unbalanced equation that is Trump forces them to abandon their best of all worlds policy of totalitarian rule masquerading as a democracy with most folks buying it. Will they sacrifice the pretense of democracy (constitutional republic) and unmask themselves as modern-day stalins, hitlers, mussolinis, and maos, or will they abandon their totalitarian ways and the immense power they have been amassing for decades and restore the republic? A rhetorical question, if there ever was one.

At this point, any further elaboration is a waste of pixels. No one who isn’t blind can mistake the cancel culture, the sexual mishigas, the “impeachment hearings” for anything but the death throes of the American constitutional republic. It isn’t dying, it is dead. Now, let’s fight for what comes next.

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