Is There Freedom After Covid?

Image by Israel Police

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As U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced just last week that vaccine mandates, masks and lockdowns would be a thing of the past, we began to feel that it was time to break out the champagne and sing to the tune of, “Celebrate Good Times, C’mon!” 

And why shouldn’t we, after two long years of having lost basic freedoms, living in dread of the unknown and not even being able to question the wisdom of decisions being made that smelled all too political, we were simply euphoric to think that there would be life after Covid – with all of our beloved freedoms intact!

However, as the news began to fan out, it seemed that more and more people were expressing great skepticism.  The joke that went viral said, “How many believe that this is ending in two weeks and your life is going back to normal?  Raise your hand.  Now slap yourself with it.”

Comment after comment began to appear online explaining just why life would never go back to normal.  Reasons were given – everything from leaders not wanting to give up their newfound arbitrary power to the money-making agenda of pharmaceutical companies which have gotten very rich off of this pandemic.  Probably the most upsetting, among all the speculation, was that this was just yet another strategy in a long line of population control through the employment of psychological operations intended to prevent humanity from being able to adapt due to continued uncertainty.

In Israel, one young man made a clip reminding everyone that we’ve already been in this film.  Last June, our leaders had returned all of our freedoms only to take them away a week later.  His message was loud and clear – don’t count on the return to freedom anytime soon. 

It’s no small feat to remove freedom from democratic nations.  For one thing, those who enforce law and order must be completely on board with what is coming down from bureaucrats and politicians.  They must be those who are willing to go against the public if need be, and that means towing the party line against their countrymen as well as reason and sanity.

Within the last year, we’ve witnessed, perhaps, the largest mass exodus from many police districts throughout the U.S. as a result of lack of support by local government leaders towards those whose job is to protect their citizens.  It pointed to a serious malaise taking place among law enforcement.  As I saw this unfolding, I couldn’t help but wonder just how different it seemed to be in Australia where an unprecedented crackdown by authorities was daily taking place on its citizens. To be sure, I asked my Queensland friend if all the police were in lockstep with the government.  He assured me that a whopping 99% of them were, which explains how they are able to enforce laws which are senseless, ineffective, overbearing and even cruel.  

It makes you think.  Either all Australian police agree that the policies they are enforcing are correct, justified and effective or they believe it is above their pay grade to judge what the best course of action is.  It’s also possible that they know the policies are wrong but, for fear of losing their jobs, are willing to do whatever it takes to keep getting that monthly paycheck.

It’s hard to know which of the above is actually happening, but absent each law officer personally evaluating what exactly they are facilitating with their badge and physical power, they will be unable to figure out if they are willing to continue executing the loss of their countrymen’s freedoms or if doing so actually violates their conscience.

In order to return to our freedoms, there must be the willingness and ability for each person, whether they are law enforcement, politicians, bureaucrats or just ordinary citizens, to freely and fairly evaluate policies and strategies in order to arrive at the decision as to whether or not they are able to support and enforce those positions.  

History has shown us that the loss of freedoms were only able to exist when those who stole them away had the muscle behind them to do so.  The moment that their strength was challenged by a greater force, evil and unprincipled actors scampered like mice into their corners, abandoning their control of entire nations. 

In other words, the seizure of power against a population can only occur when the conscience of individuals has ceased to be operative.  Regrettably, individuals, time and again, have sold their conscience for money, security or lack of a backbone, but they are the necessary components in the game of tyranny which allows dictatorial actions to be put in place.

So even if your common sense tells you that people will not put up with draconian measures if there are no justifiable reasons which warrant heavy handedness, it’s not a given that freedoms will be restored even in the face of diminished infections. Because, if retaining power is the end game, then there will never be enough ideal conditions in order to let go of that sense of unbridled power.  It’s just too intoxicating for those who sleep very well despite their lack of conscience.

So we must ask ourselves what the antidote to this troubling morass is.  Despite the gloomy outlook, I believe we should not fall prey to giving up hope.  We must continue to hold those in power accountable for their decisions, actions and authority which they impose upon the rest of us.  There must be a reckoning which reveals the presence of malice and malevolent behavior against humanity for the purpose of enslaving others.  Perhaps, most important, there must be consequences and punishment for any who intended harm to those who could not do anything but feel smothered by the heavy weight of oppression under which we have been forced to live for the last two years.  An “Oops, we were wrong,” simply won’t cut it or make up for the destruction wreaked upon innocent children, heavily invested businesspeople who lost everything or those who needlessly suffered and died because they were denied early treatment.  A lot of bad stuff has been done.  Justice must also prevail, but it cannot and will not without the return of our freedom.  Therefore, we should not ask the question, “Will there be freedom after Covid,” because justice says there simply MUST be freedom after Covid!  

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