Netanyahu’s Indictments Plunge Israel Into A Constitutional Crisis At The Worst Possible Moment

AG Mandelblit’s actions are part and parcel of a well-coordinated globalist putsch against the people of Israel and their chosen leader

An invitation sent to Mr. Zvi Rachum of Mexico to attend the plenum in which Israel declared its independence. On the left, under the Star of David there are the words: Mazal Tov – Statehood
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Prime minister Netanyahu was indicted yesterday for listening to an offer from an Israeli media magnate and long time political opponent Nir Moses. The offer involved Moses giving Netanyahu favorable (in reality less unfavorable coverage) on his media platforms in exchange for unfavorable regulation that would make a competitor, a free newspaper funded by Jewish American casino magnate and Netanyahu supporter Sheldon Adelson, less threatening to Moses’s business interests. Netanyahu allegedly listened to the offer, though he never acted on it. Additionally, Netanyahu has allegedly received gifts such as cigars and liquor from a family of wealthy supporters totaling over $100,000 over many years and failed to disclose the gifts.

Acting on what was clearly a preconceived plan, attorney general Mandelblit published this morning an opinion that it would be “legally challenging” to allow Netanyahu to form Israel’s new government while under indictment. The practical implication of this opinion is that when Netanyahu’s legal standing to form a new government is challenged, as it inevitably will, in the Israeli Supreme Court by leftist circles, the attorney general, whose job it is to act as the government’s lawyer, will not be able to do so as he will be in substantial agreement with the plaintiffs.

In parallel, Blue and White party has issued a call for Netanyahu to resign the ministerial positions that he has been holding in trust until a new and permanent government is formed. This is based on the precedent, which goes much further than actual law, that requires that a minister under felony indictment is fired by the prime minister.

Taken in tandem, this morning’s actions by the attorney general and the opposition party amount to a subversion of Israeli foundational law, which clearly states that a prime minister must resign his or her post only after they are convicted for a crime rather than charged with one. Given Mr. Netanyahu’s personal popularity among the Israeli voting public, a popularity that has never fallen below 60%, there can be little doubt that what we are now witnessing in Israel is an attempt at a putsch, the illegal removal of an incumbent head of state.

Behind this putsch attempt are political and business interests that draw their sustenance from the globalist movement rather than any base of support inside Israel proper. These interests have most of the mass media outlets on their payroll and with their assistance they have managed to generate in the Israeli public a certain feeling of fatigue from Mr. Netanyahu’s leadership, which led to his Likud’s party narrow electoral loss in the September election and opened the door to the current impasse.

The short-term goal of these forces is the removal of Mr. Netanyahu from the prime minister’s office, even if he is temporarily replaced by another member of the Likud party. Since no one but Netanyahu is at this time capable of executing on Netanyahu’s vision of a powerful, prosperous, independent, and unabashedly nationalist Israel and no one but him is capable of withstanding the pressures of the Israeli globalist progressive left, whoever replaces him will either soon lose his seat to the left or will do their bidding.

I imagine, my dear readers, that in reading this analysis you have not failed to draw analogies between Mr. Netanyahu’s woes and those to which his good friend Mr. Trump is being subjected to right as I am writing these lines. There is substance to these analogies, even below the purely superficial. The forces that seek to topple the nationalist leaders of the world be they Trump, Netanyahu, or Orban, are one and the same, part and parcel of the same soul-crushing, human spirit destroying globalist movement.

Luckily for Israel, the high percentage of religious people in its voter rolls and the highly sectarian nature of Israeli public provide at least partial immunity against the globalist playbook of a pincer movement by the bought and paid for media and legal establishments. In Israel, observant Jews and non-Ashkenazi Jews have nothing but disdain for the so-called “main stream media” and the legal establishment alike and they have plenty of media resources that cater to their points of view. This makes them all but impervious to the left’s propaganda attacks. The large contingent of “Russian” Israelis, those who came (or whose parents came) from the former Soviet Union states in the early 1990s are immunized against government propaganda by their decades-long exposure to it or the stories they had heard about it over the dinner table from their parents. Together, these voting blocs, though they differ in many ways, make up a very significant locus of resistance to the globalist takeover.

In the next days and weeks there will be a deluge of propaganda coming out of Israel. Stay with us for level-headed, knowledgeable, and in-depth analysis of these critical events.

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