The Autogenocide Plan Of The White Liberal Elites Is Working But You Can Choose To Stop It Cold In Its Tracks

Kids of all colors are vilified by the liberal elites, but only white-skinned kids are singled out for being responsible for all the ills of the world and are targeted for elimination

A human baby with white skin is anathema to liberals who want to make it extinct
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The funny thing about liberal white people is that they all agree that there is no such thing as “white people” and yet that non-existing thing is the thing they hate the most in the whole wide world. This statement would have been quite amusing, had it been some sort of fringe mental disorder, but unfortunately it is a sentiment of tremendous force among many people residing in important countries such as the US, Canada, and Western Europe. Neither is this merely a vague feeling; it is a foundational ideology that informs their actions and votes.

It is natural that when you hate something you want to get rid of it, destroy it, and make sure it never comes back. I am talking about things like toothaches and cockroaches, of course, except when it comes to liberals who are pigmentationally challenged, it is themselves. The urge to commit suicide as a person is usually the result of depression I believe, but I am not a psychologist or a psychiatrist, so I am going to stay away from all that. I am however an engineer and I solve problems. Suicide appears to be, as far as problems go, a rather easy one. There are many ways to do it on an individual level. Racial hatred on a genocidal level, such as the hatred of 1941 Germans towards Jews, is a problem on a much larger scale, but to the incredible sorrow of me personally and every decent human being out there, the Germans of that generation came very close to solving it.

The problem of racial rage that is directed at one’s own race seems rather intractable, especially when one is committed to the position that your own race does not exist, which is the position of liberal whites. In engineering terms, we (they) have therefore a rather interesting problem on their hands: they blame a certain group of people for every ill that afflicts humanity and furthermore they believe that the actions of that group have condemned humanity to an excruciatingly painful death via climate change. They therefore believe that this group should pay for its sins both morally and operationally. Morally because it is criminally culpable and needs to be punished by what the Soviets used to call “the highest measure of punishment”, i.e. death and operationally because its continued existence is putting the rest of humanity at an ever-growing risk of extinction and only its death will allow humanity to survive.

Once the problem is defined that way, the solution is that all white people must either commit suicide, be killed, or at the very least be stopped from reproducing. Achieving this goal runs afoul of two major problems: first, only a fraction (though a very significant one) of the white people feels that they are to blame for all the world’s ills and therefore must die. It could be assumed that those whites who feel otherwise might be resistant to the notion of being exterminated or prohibited from reproducing. Secondly, there is the problem of definition; as previously mentioned, liberal whites are committed to the point of view that whites do not exist. If they do not exist, it may be tough to exterminate them in practical terms.

I typically do not have a high level of appreciation for the mental acuity and problem solving abilities of liberal whites, but in this particular case, I am rather in awe of them. They managed to find an extremely elegant solution to both the problem of intransigence by whites who do not share their autogenocidal tendencies and the problem of definition. Perhaps the solution came to them from growing up in affluent households in which everything from pool maintenance to their own upbringing was outsourced by their parents to visibly non-white people because that’s what they decided to do; they decided to outsource the job of exterminating the non-existent white people to people who believe in their existence, i.e. people who are non-white, also known as people of color.

This choice allows the recasting of the previously intractable problem of exterminating all white people into a very manageable one: providing people of color worldwide with the tools they need to exterminate all white people and letting them worry about who is white and how precisely they would be exterminated.

Once we understand this point, every move made by the American and European Union governments since the early 1990s begins to make perfect sense. From the massive transfer of manufacturing capacity and intellectual property to Asia Pacific to the opening of borders to migrants to the deregulation of Big Pharma allowing it to flood the markets with opioids to Middle Eastern “wars” that destabilize the region and create massive refugee flows to (of course) the climate change hoax. It is all simply designed to transfer wealth, power, and technology to nations that do not have “white” people in the literal sense of the word so that they can go about the business of making sure that there would be no “white” people anywhere, simply by going about their own business.

But this transfer of wealth and power is only one part of the strategy. It is great, but it won’t quite do the job because people, we know, refuse to die and stop reproducing simply because times are tough. Then there is also the problem, common in system engineering, of time delay. It takes time to kill off all “white” people, whoever they may be. If during that time they notice that they are being killed, for example by losing their jobs and suffering financial hardship, they may rebel and make things more difficult. Thus there must be a measure of euthanasia, a sedative that is administered to the criminal before the coup de grace is delivered. Video games, pornography, recreational drugs, and endless supply of fiat money are the pillars of this euthanasia and they have been and still are working beautifully.

Only one problem remains: the feeling of euphoria that is generated by this euthanasia, the feeling of prosperity (although fake and temporary) may cause “whites” to start reproducing again as it has done in the past and that would, of course, be counterproductive to solving the problem of their extermination. The solution to this problem has been found and it is so innovative and creative, so out of the box, that I don’t think anyone could have seen it coming. I could have predicted the destruction of communities, families, and religion. This is all more than century old Marxist-vintage. What I cold have never foreseen is the agenda that is known by the rather appropriately soulless totalitarian acronym LGBTx. This agenda is as bizarre as it is breathtaking in its scope; after all what it sets out to do is rewire the most hardwired of all animal functions: reproduction. The LGBTx agenda is simple: it seeks to first decouple sexual activity from its original and only purpose – that of reproduction, and then to criminalize the only kind of sexual activity that can result in reproduction: straight vaginal sex without the use of a contraceptive.

There is hardly a piece written today in the West that extols the many virtues and joys of children and of motherhood. On the other hand, countless ones and zeros are mobilized to convince people that children will ruin their lives and commit them to marginal existence of poverty and endless drudgery.

Now we must be engineers again and ask ourselves: is the white liberal solution to the problem of exterminating all “white” people working? The answer is unequically, undeniably affirmative. People who have white skin are fewer in number in absolute and proportional terms and their numbers are rapidly dwindling. The center of gravity of military, economic, and intellectual power is rapidly moving away from locations in which there are many white people to those in which there are few and this is true not only internationally, but within the United States as well. If these trends continue, it will not take much longer (in historical terms) before the plan set in motion by liberal whites will succeed and there will be no more whites at all outside of a few isolated pockets such as the Amish.

Luckily, if you have white skin, but you do not feel the urge to commit suicide neither now nor in the future, there is something very easy that you can do about it purely on an individual basis. Stop believing anything you read or hear that sounds wrong to you, find a person of the opposite sex who is similarly pigmented to yourself and love them well enough to make lots of children.

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