If Diversity Is Our Strength, Where Is the Diversity In American Media?

The range of opinions expressed in both “mainstream” and “niche” American media is both narrow and shrinking making the First Amendment a relic of the past

The First Amendment inscribed on the facade of the Nuseum is the epitome of irony
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“Beyond the pale” was the expression before the catchier and more vocabulary-challenged “I can’t even!” came along. Today, I don’t know how many people even know what a “pale” is. A “pale” is a boundary, as in “the pale of settlement”, an imaginary boundary around the core of the Russian empire set up by the late 18th century Russian empress Catherine II to define where Jews could settle in the vast country she controlled. Per her decree, Jews could settle only “beyond the pale” in places like western Ukraine, but not inside of it, in places like Moscow or St. Petersburg.

When it comes to media, is there a pale? Should there be one? The answer, had you asked Americans up until quite recently and Israelis today, would be no. When it comes to media, there should be no “pale”. As long as someone is willing to pay to put information out there, they should be able to do just that.

If you ask Americans today, however, most would agree that there should be a pale and in reality there definitely is one and it is shrinking every day. To demonstrate this point, ask yourself: is there any publication in America today that holds the point of view that America should be an exclusively “white” and “Christian” country? Is there a publication that promotes the traditional viewpoint that homosexuality, even between consenting adults should be recriminalized? And if not, why not? Is it because there is no audience for these viewpoints? Is it because there is nobody that would be willing to pay for such media outlets if they were, like most media outlets, operating at a loss? Or invest in them should they become profitable?

The answer is no. Such media outlets do not exist, because our globalist masters have decided that they should not exist and made it impossible for them to exist. The Constitutional guarantee of the freedom of speech means little when you get firebombed by Antifa with the full support of both local and federal law enforcement or when you get deplatformed by the so-called “private” companies that generate and push around the electrons we rely on for everything from getting heard to getting paid.

I know this is hard for today’s Americans to grasp, but there is a country, Israel, in which several media outlets advocate for the point of view that the LGBTx agenda is great and others that advocate the point of view that it is a mortal sin and that people in that group should never be allowed to externalize it under any circumstances.

There are media outlets that fiercely adhere to the viewpoint that the Holy Land should be the home for Jews exclusively and others that advocate the viewpoint that Jews don’t even exist and never have existed. There are media outlets that wholeheartedly support public transport and every possible business being open on the Sabbath and those that claim that doing so would bring upon us divine wrath and immediate destruction.

In short, outside of direct incitement to violence against specific individuals or groups, nothing is beyond the pale in theory and in practice. There are monied interests in Israel that support print and online publications that promote all of the above viewpoints and everything is just fine. Nobody gets cancelled, everybody just reads and watches what they want to read and watch.

It may be hard to believe, but throughout most of its existence American media was like the Israeli one. As long as someone was willing to foot the bill, anything could be published, and it was. Not coincidentally, those times were the times when America was its most dynamic and successful, but perhaps surprisingly, these were also the times when America was its most unified and Americans were most united.

What can explain this paradox? How is it possible that today, when there is nearly zero diversity in American media, Americans are divided more than ever before, whereas then, when press was actually free in America and all points of view, for example both pro and anti-segregation could be and indeed were published, America was a far more united country?

The answer is not hard to come by. The uniting principle of America has always been freedom. Not some sort of abstract, celestial, intangible class freedom, but practical, everyday, individual freedom. Americans fought their revolutionary war against Britain because they wanted to be free individuals rather than his majesty’s subjects. They wanted the individual freedom to say what they wanted, to do what they wanted, to be who they wanted. This principle was so powerful that Americans of literally all persuasions and points view could coalesce around it. Until now.

Today, Americans are commanded, forced really, to abide by certain viewpoints whether they want to or not. If you work for the government or in corporate America, you have been to countless “seminars”, “trainings”, “professional development days”, and “offsite retreats” in which these viewpoints were drilled into you and you were commanded to repeat them verbatim.

If you watch movies, if you watch TV, if you subscribe to any news channel whatsoever, you are constantly brainwashed to believe in these ideas, whether they sound good to you or not. If you find any of them preposterous, just wait a few months, a few years at most, and you will find them as mainstream as could possibly be.

Still today, eating a hamburger made out of beef sounds mainstream, while a hamburger made out of larvae sounds a bit extreme. Wait just a little and this will flip. After all, even Obama was against gay marriage until he saw the light. Being for it, as hard as it is now to believe, was “back then” in 2008, an extreme position.

Humans have antibodies to being force-fed dogma. I know this having been born in the USSR. But these antibodies are not miracle workers. They do not make us feel better when we are being fed obvious lies and forced to profess our total faith in them as is the case now in America. They make us feel worse. They make us feel worthless, sick, isolated, alienated. We know that something is horribly wrong, but we cannot quite pinpoint what it is. We believe that we are the only ones feeling that way and above all we know the extreme danger in ever opening ourselves and our doubts to others. Snitches abound and we pay good money to have them right in our homes with catchy names like Alexa and Siri.

We console ourselves by repeating the lie that “our lives have never been better” because there is a round thingy that picks up our pet’s hairs from the floor, but deep down we know that we sold ourselves out for dirt cheap, for nothing, really, and we have the mother of all buyers’ remorses.

It is true, the breads and circuses in America today are unparalleled in human history, but so is the enslavement of the human spirit. You get to decide: was it worth it?

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PRWhitener December 12, 2019 at 8:38 pm

Do as I say, not as I do. Nuff said.

spartacus December 18, 2019 at 1:42 am

if it wasn’t for christianity and white people … the whole world would look like somalia … deal with it losers …….


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