What American Jews Can Learn From The Last Time A Large Exilic Jewry Was Caught In The Pincers Of Death

As America is hurtling towards its second civil war, American Jews are (again) making all the wrong choices

These bones crying out form the ground of Babi Yar near my town of birth, Kiev, could well have been my grandparents’
Copyright: GoldbergShalom at English Wikipedia [Public domain]

I know, I know, America is different, it has always treated Jews well, it has the Constitution, it’s the Goldene Medine (the Golden Country), it is populated by magical creatures with pointed ears, like Elves, who can never harm anyone, so Jews can finally be safe there forever, Amen.

If you believe the above nonsense, you shouldn’t waste your time with this article, but if you have any doubt, might as well keep reading.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the very large Jewish population of the Russian Empire (which included at that time most of Poland and all of today’s Ukraine, Belarus, and the Baltic states) became trapped. It was trapped between the line of the Bale of Settlement to the East and the relatively new and surging unified Germany to the west. Millions of Jews, most of them poor and poorly educated had nowhere to go and had no prospects, all while the economic and security conditions in the Empire were rapidly deteriorating and the competition between them and the native Gentile populations became progressively more severe.

This brought to the surface the pogrom phenomenon, a violent outburst of hatred towards Jews that included pitchforks and axes, looting and murder. In those areas where Jews had found safety and relative prosperity when they had fled the murderous crusades, expulsions, and rabid anti-Semitism of the Middle Ages in Western Europe, there was no more room for Jews.

In response to this pressure, Eastern European Jewry split into four parts. One part emigrated to America where they became the forefathers of most of today’s American Jewry. Another part, the smallest one of them all, decided to follow the newly minted Zionist dream and emigrate to Palestine, a province in the Ottoman Empire. These Jews laid the foundations for the modern State of Israel and most of their descendants still live there. A third part became communist revolutionaries and helped destroy the Russian Empire via a Bolshevik Revolution. The more senior cadre among them were all exterminated by Stalin in the 1930’s, others lived on, poor and disillusioned, until the collapse of the USSR in the early 1990’s forced them to emigrate to Israel, Gentile spouses in tow, begging to be considered Jews, an identification they had previously run away from, so they could be admitted under the Law of Return. Finally, the fourth and largest group, my family among them, did nothing. They stayed put, they survived, they minded their own business through famine, pogroms, revolution, and purges, until not less than 90% of them were slaughtered by the Nazis between 1940 and 1945.

Who is the winner? I mean who among these groups had made the right choice? Those members of the largest group who took no initiative other than survival were slaughtered like cattle, the few among them that survived leading lives of misery and poverty in the USSR until they could emigrate to Israel or to America can hardly be called winners. How about those who were willing accomplices to the Bolshevik’s crimes and suffered the consequences? The ideology they had believed in produced nothing but mass murder, torture, and economic collapse.

So we have our two finalists, the two groups of emigrants, the larger one that emigrated to where the pastures were green, peace and security were guaranteed, and the streets were paved in gold, and the other one, much smaller, that went to drain malarial swamps while being shot at by Arabs.

To judge who between these two groups had made the wiser choice, we need some criteria. Economic success would be one. Survival as Jews would be another. Long term, cross-generational physical survival would be the third. Agreed?

Now let’s see. In average economic terms, the Jews who came to America did much better than those who emigrated to Palestine and that is still true today, though the gap is closing. In terms of staying Jewish, the American Jewry is a disaster. Intermarriage is rampant, interest in Judaism as a whole, not just as a religion, almost non-existent, and Judaism the religion all but destroyed by the fake Reformed and Conservative denominations with their fake female rabbis and social justice agenda that is so foreign to real Judaism. This one has to go hands down to the Jews that chose Palestine.

So we have a tie here, folks, with one criterion to go: cross-generational physical survival. No need to dwell on this one for too long; it goes 100% to the Palestine cohort. Birth rates among American Jews are well below the sustainability level of 2.1 births per average female, which means that they simply have no physical future. In Israel, the descendants of those Jews who came to Palestine a century ago have birthrates that are at least 50% above sustainable. And then there is the other thing, the near future.

American Jewry is the last large exilic Jewry that remains in the world and it is being caught, as I am writing these lines, in a trap not too different from the one that consumed and eliminated the Eastern European Jewry from which it descends. American Jews are trapped between black and Muslim anti-Semitism and white nationalist anti-Semitism, both of equally murderous variety. They are trapped between the white nationalist perpetrator of the attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh and the black nationalist perpetrators of the attack on the Jewish supermarket in Jersey City and it is about to get much worse very quickly.

Just like in Eastern Europe a century ago, the American Jewish community is splintering under this pincer movement pressure and turning in on itself, brother against bother. Some, a few tens of thousands a year, are repatriating to Israel. Some are joining the political battle between nationalism and globalism that is now raging in America, most on the globalist side. Most, like is always the case, are trying to live their lives, become more and more invisible, more and more assimilated, hoping to simply survive.

But just like in Europe between the wars, it is already too late. The die has been cast, the battle royal between globalists who are supported by the so-called “people of color” and the nationalists who are overwhelmingly of European descent, or, simply put, white, is already raging and the fact that most Jews have chosen, yet again (!) the wrong side is not escaping anyone’s notice.

Not only have the American Jews chosen the morally bankrupt side in America’s Civil War 2.0, not only have they chosen the side that will most certainly lose, they have also chosen the side that lose or win hates them the most and is the most likely to physically exterminate them if the opportunity arises. In this, American Jewry is closely following in the footsteps of Leo Bronshtein aka Trotzky and other Eastern European Jews who joined with the Bolsheviks, who helped create bolshevism, and who paid the ultimate price for their choice.

Neither is there an escape for that minority of American Jews who have chosen the other side, the side of American nationalism. If you think that the Mark Levin’s of this world will be welcomed by the American nationalists when they have won the American civil war, you are gravely mistaken and you know nothing of history. Wars, most of all civil wars, change everything. They rip off overnight the sediments of civility and decorum that were laid down over decades and even centuries. Winners will want revenge and they will not look too closely who supported whom when the chips were down. All they will remember will be the Mike Bloomberg’s and the Bernie Sanders’s and the Chuck Schumer’s.

Will American Jews survive, if not as Jews than at least as people? I mean will they be slaughtered like the European Jews were? That scenario is unlikely for many reasons, including the existence of the State of Israel. Perhaps American Jews can survive via total assimilation as most are trying to do now, but I suspect that surnames with “berg” or “stein” will become rather uncomfortable to live with. Still, one can always change one’s last name to Smith. American Jews did just that with their first names, so why not with last? Perhaps so, but it is a little bit beside the point, isn’t it? The larger point is that America is quickly turning hostile to Jews who wish to remain Jews and this process, the process that is the inevitable destination of all exiles will continue until America is virtually Jew-free.

Throughout the very long Jewish history it was the minority that survived as Jews or even survived at all. Ten out of twelve tribes were lost, their descendants living as Muslims somewhere in the greater Middle East. Jewish DNA is everywhere, telling the story of mass assimilation over the ages. The few who steadfastly refuse to assimilate, who choose to remain Jewish even when it is quite disadvantageous to do so remain in history; most fall off its wagon.

American Jews would be well served ponder now, while there is time, the choices that they will make because the time is not far off when those choices will be made for them. This is history and if you believe that America lives outside of it, you should ask yourself this question: why in the heck would it?

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pol January 10, 2020 at 9:55 am

I like your columns. On this one though you are wrong with respect to the fate of Jews if the Right prevails. The fact is, the white nationalists (as distinct from White people who are nationalists) are a rounding error in the American population. Not only do they have no power within any political party, they have no transit to power. Their world view has zero purchase in the minds of conservative, nationalist Americans.

The Right is where all the distinction-making intelligence has gone. White people (being one) are perfectly aware of the distinction between liberal Jews and Jews. We are perfectly aware of the points you make in the E.T. column , which is perfect:


“Liberal Jewish Privilege” is a book begging to be written- by a Jew.

People are never comfortable living as transgressors of moral law and when times become like they are, people simplify and cleave most strongly to their most basic and certain principles. For Americans that’s Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. It’s religious freedom.

The American Right, who is still in the process of sorting itself out, is never going to rally around our Founder’s vision, and in so doing, gas Jews. The fact is that what American nationalists want is to preserve the Constitution and the principles of the Founding Fathers, who were provably and pointedly not anti-Semites; not anti-Semites just because of their Liberal beliefs (See Washington’s Touro Synagogue Letter).

The American Right are Liberals. You have to keep that in front of you at all times. That’s not going to collapse under pressure, it’s going to harden. You might as well say the average Conservative is going to switch to Communism under pressure. That’s not what pressure does to people.

We big-L Liberal Americans endured the American Bund Party when Hitler was rising to power and we endured the Communist Party USA when Stalin was in power. Americans don’t collapse like Europeans do. That’s what makes us Americans. We endure, mostly silent and restrained. We watch our red-lines and step in only when they’re clearly and repeatedly crossed.

You get to say “gas the Jews” in America. You get to say “kill Whitey” in America. You get to openly recruit people to those beliefs, and you get to promulgate all the covert variants of those ideas and do so with evil in your heart. As long a freedom of speech and thought reign in America, those viewpoints will achieve only vaccine-levels of adherents in America.

This is just how we are and this is how we have always been. Our Founders really were exceptional geniuses who bequeathed upon us a system that flexes instead of breaks, that welds factiousness and quarreling into unity through speech, that goes off kilter so it can right itself more surely. But even more, our Founders identified the essentials to durable-core civil society for we Moderns and that is the inviolate right to individual conscience and the sacred relationship between an individual and their Creator and that includes the Jews, fully. That is a Light That Never Goes Out.

The media, universities, the Democratic party, American corporate governance and perhaps our monetary system are all self-immolating. That is what we’re living through. It’s dramatic and it’s drawn out. It’s proceeding on a historical time scale and we normies who live our lives on personal time-scales quake at the terribleness of it all and we imagine the worst. History is a terrible time to be alive.

The Right is very busy in a forge of self-discovery and self-definition. It is now compromised of 35-50% former liberals, refugees from the left. When we’re done we will emerge with traditional American values strengthened, tempered and terrible. Those values will absorb and unify America and then we will not be “the Right” anymore but just ordinary Americans with traditional American values we all take for granted, which is where we started from anyway.

The Jews will always be as safe in America as anywhere. It’s not worse than it’s ever been and despite Google’s, Twitter’s, PayPal’s YouTubes, Facebook’s, the media’s, and the universities best efforts, we have more conduits for free speech to more people than ever before in our history. There’s no stopping us.

Staff January 10, 2020 at 10:18 am

Thank you for your patronage and your thoughtful comment – BP


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