Has The Iowa Caucuses Fiasco Finally Exposed The Ugly Murderous Bolshevik Mug Of The Democratic Party?

The Democrats seem ready to stop pretending that they respect the democratic process and reveal themselves to the public as full-grown Bolsheviks

A russian child from Saratov is dying of Bolshevik planned and executed starvation in 1920. This the final result of the policies that the Democrats want to implement in America.
Copyright: George H. Mewes [Public domain]

Yesterday, a few hundreds of thousands of Iowa Democrats interrupted their daily routines to participate in a democratic process. This process involved going to a predetermined location and mingling with other people who wished to participate in the process, finally coalescing around the station that was dedicated to their candidate of choice for the Democratic nominee for the president of the United States.

Today, roughly sixteen hours after the Iowa caucuses came to an end at the time of writing, the Democratic party; neither its Iowa branch, nor its national leadership, has yet to release the results of the vote. In Israel, where about six million people vote entirely by paper ballots, results are released within twelve hours, though some minor corrections are yet possible for a day or two thereafter.

Something is terribly wrong with the Iowa caucuses. But what? We can choose to play the Democrat game and blame faulty phone apps, or we can be serious people and arrive at the only possible conclusion: the results that were being frantically called in to the party center from the caucusing stations were at complete odds with the results that were prescribed by the party leadership.

To put it simply, Bernie Sanders, a throwback Bolshevik Communist was the runaway winner, with the Scandinavian-style democratic socialist Warren in second place, and the gay and utterly inexperienced mayor of a third-rate city, Pete Buttiegieg in distant third. The party wanted Biden. It got Sanders. They chose to go full bolshevik and simply ignore the voters. The Democratic party of America is now openly subscribing to the Stalinist idea that what matters is who counts the votes rather than who casts them.

Stalin knew exactly what he was talking about. He was the de facto head of the political terror grouping known as the Bolsheviks from its very inception, though its mouthpiece for the first decade of existence was Vladimir Lenin. Lenin was there only because he was more presentable, more Russian, and more eloquent than Stalin. The real power had always rested with the swarthy Georgian.

The ideas promulgated by the Bolsheviks were extremely unpopular. In fact, they were crazy. They lost every election, whether within their own milieu of leftist revolutionaries or within the population of the Russian Empire in general. In the first and last (to date) election that Russia has ever had, in early 1917, the Bolsheviks were roundly beaten. They barely had any representation in the newly elected Duma.

But they had their name, a name which literally means “members of the majority”. They adopted this name precisely because they were never the majority, so they needed a name that made them seem like they were. When that trick failed to work and they lost the critical election following Nicholas II’s abdication from the throne, they simply took over the legislature by force of arms, dismissed it, and proceeded to take over the entire government apparatus.

This coup d’etat, which they immediately named the October Revolution, was, like most evil in the world, entirely banal. It involved a few sailors with Mosin Nagant rifles and bayonets stepping into the Duma chamber with stern looks on their faces. The newly and duly elected delegates simply got up and left.

The simple truth was that nobody loved Russia enough to stand up for her until it was too late. The hereditary Russian nobility, as one can so vividly learn from reading the great Russian writers of the 19th century, were highly patriotic, but they ran Russia strictly as a hobby, on their free time. Many of them were intellectually compromised by leftist globalist and communist ideology. Most of all, they suffered from a lack of imagination. They could not imagine that within months their estates, stately homes that were built by generations of their ancestors, would be piles of smoking ashes and they themselves would be shot, knived, or starved to death.

There is always that moment when the mask comes off. An elaborate deception is suddenly discarded as no longer necessary or as no longer feasible, and the simple, banal, evil truth is revealed. Here it is folks. This is who we are, this is what we are going to do. Stop us if you dare.

The Democrats in America may be approaching this moment. Perhaps the Iowa caucuses are it for them. Perhaps they will simply say that Biden is their nominee or that Hillary is, or Michelle Obama, or whomever else they want. What would happen then? Nothing much. The media will hail the newly minted Trump slayer as the new and better Messiah who can do no wrong. All Democratic voters will fall in line.

Then what? Then, come November, the Democrats will lose both chambers of the Legislature and the White House. Or so it will seem. In reality, a guy very much like Lt. Col. Vindman will show up on Capitol Hill with a few other guys armed with M-16s and tell the newly elected legislators to go home. Another guy will do the same in the White House. Will there be a civil war? Very likely. There was one in Russia. But here and now, just like then and there it would already have been too late. America would already have been lost, forever.

It is true that the American civil population is well-armed and that’s a good thing. But the Whites in Russia didn’t lose their civil war because they were poorly armed. In fact they were better armed and better led than the Reds. They lost because the Bolsheviks had better PR, better propaganda. They were much better liars. When the Russian peasant or factory worker asked the Whites, “what will happen to me if I support you and you win?” The answer he got was an answer he could have gotten from someone like president Trump: “if you work hard, you will keep your land or your job and we will make sure that you can be more successful and keep more of your hard-earned money!” When the same guy asked this question of the Bolsheviks, he got the answer that Bernie would give him: “if we win, we will let you loot your boss’s house and steal all his possessions!”

The Russian peasants and workers went with the Bolsheviks. Of course, when the Bolsheviks won, a victory they could only obtain with the overwhelming support of the Russian population, they proceeded to loot the rich, but not only the rich. Looting the rich, as the Bolsheviks well knew then and well know now, is not even a drop in the bucket. They proceeded to loot the poor and the middle classes. They robbed them so thoroughly that millions of them starved to death. As their citizens were dropping like flies, victims of starvation, communicable diseases, and slave labor, the USSR was selling grain abroad to buy American technology so they could jump-start the industries they had just finished destroying.

I doubt that most Americans are sufficiently smart or knowledgeable about history to avoid falling into the same trap that their Russian counterparts fell into a century ago. On the contrary, I think that those Americans who hate president Trump are dumber, less well informed, and much lazier than their Russian predecessors. The danger is real. Complacency in the face of it is death.

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