The Standing Ovation That Canadians Gave To The Islamic Murderer Omar Khadr Tells Us That Most Canadians Have Lost The Will To Live

Displaying a deep pathology, most Canadians applaud a convicted murderer and Islamic terrorist whose family belongs to Al-Qaeda

Canadians demanding that self-admitted terrorist murderer Omar Khadr be released from prison
Copyright: Joshua Sherurcij [Attribution]

As a scientist, the most important question I know is “why”. Why are things how they are? Sometimes, rarely, we can find the answer. Sometimes we can hypothesize. Even when no answer is forthcoming, the act of asking the question itself is of paramount importance. It is what separates human beings from animals, though most human beings never ask. Most of us never realize our God-given potential to wonder. And that is a shame.

Omar Khadr, a scion of a “Palestinian” and Egyptian family that made a home for itself in Toronto, killed a US medic in Afghanistan. For this action he was awarded ten million dollars by the Canadian government and was called a “magnificent gentleman” by the moderator of a Q&A session following a talk that he was invited to give at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The only reason Mr. Khadr is famous and the only reason he was invited to give the talk was his and his family being members of the Al-Qaeda terror organization on whose behalf he fought against the United States and against his own country of birth and citizenship, Canada. Regardless of this fact and although Mr. Khadr in his entire life has done nothing of note other than killing an American military medic, no questions were allowed about his crime, his subsequent ten year stint at Guantanamo, or his release and the award of ten million dollars for being “wrongfully imprisoned”.

The audience consisted of a few captives such as high school students and a bunch of white affluent ladies. All gave the Islamic terrorist murderer Mr. Khadr, a standing ovation.

To recap: “Palestinian” and Egyptian man and woman meet in Toronto. They are extended every hospitality by their new country, Canada. They repay this hospitality by raising their children to be Islamic terrorists and take Omar, age 15, to fight Canada and the US in Afghanistan, which he does, admittedly throwing a hand grenade that kills an American medic, Christopher Speer, age 29. The young Mr. Khadr is wounded, taken to Guantanamo as an enemy combatant, where he spends ten years after going through a full legal process by the Canadian authorities. He then sues, gets a liberal Canadian court to acquit him and the liberal Canadian government of Justin Trudeau to award him a ten million dollar settlement.

In Canada, based on the results of the latest general election, about two thirds of the electorate have voted for social democratic parties: the Liberal Party, the New Democratic Party, and the Bloc Quebecois. These Canadians are in love with the murderous Mr. Khadr and his entire family of murderous Islamic terrorists. They love them even though they fought against them on the battlefield in Afghanistan. Why?

When you are in love with a person who demonstrably wishes you dead as two thirds of Canadian voters are, you are doubtlessly experiencing a mental illness. In fact, you are suicidal. But lacking the courage to commit suicide, you encourage others to kill you and incentivize their attempts to do so.

So two thirds of Canadians love the murderous Khadrs because they are suicidal. But why are they suicidal?

Here we must depart from the domain of hard fact and venture into the land of conjecture. I hypothesize that these two thirds of Canadians are suicidal because they are running, in their brains, two parallel programs; programs that are, however, mutually exclusive.

The first program is a program that these Canadians inherited from their ancestors. These ancestors were people of European origin who were sufficiently enterprising and sufficiently tough and skilled to leave overcrowded and politically unstable Europe to make better lives for themselves in politically stable Canada, a land rich in opportunity for those who were willing to work hard. And they did work hard. With this hard work, they created one of the best countries on Planet Earth by any measure.

The last two generations of Canadians, or rather, the two thirds that love the Khadrs, became convinced that the wonderful country that was bequeathed to them by their admirable ancestors was not the result of their forefathers’ and foremothers’ labors and sacrifice, but rather was stolen at gunpoint from various indigenous peoples and as such cannot legally be theirs. This idea is, of course, preposterously wrong. Canada is a native American word, but an entirely European country. It was legally conceived, created, built, and owned by Europeans. However, this is not what two thirds of Canadians believe because making them feel like thieves and trespassers in their own country, a country built entirely by their ancestors, became a profitable exercise in the 1970’s and still is today.

So Canadians are taught that every privilege they enjoy is the direct result of robbery and thus something that they should be deeply ashamed of. And yet, judging by the amount of debt that Canadians incur to buy homes, cars, trucks, ATV’s, boats, and vacation cottages, they are very much enjoying the fruits of this “robbery” and of all the horrors that their ancestors had supposedly imposed on the native populations they had encountered when they first arrived in the North American continent.

“Liberal” Canadians exist simultaneously on two planes: on one, they lead normal “first world” lives. On the other, they are consumed by feelings of guilt because they are convinced that nothing in their existence had been won by legitimate means; it is all the fruit of a poison tree.

To put it even more bluntly, two thirds of Canadians are convinced that they are guilty of the capital crime of stealing the North American continent, or at least their half of it, from its rightful owners, a crime punishable by death. This is why they give standing ovations to those who, like Omar Khadr, made an actual attempt to kill them. This is why they criminalize any opinions, such as these expressed by me in this column, which support their legal rights to their own country and allow the most vile anti-Canadian actions to be undertaken without any adverse consequence.

This is why Canada is falling behind in every aspect of technology, business, and resource exploration. The majority of Canadians have simply decided that they don’t deserve to live and that their very presence in North America is an abomination that must be quickly corrected. Mr. Khadr the convicted murderer, freely enjoying his unearned millions, is simply a way for them to feel better about themselves as they exit the stage of history.

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Brad S. February 11, 2020 at 9:32 pm

I think a lot of their self-loathing is accompanied by the desire to stick it to the USA. Liberals have the same mind games planned for American children. Trump has delayed their ignorance of human nature, but after he is gone, I fear North America will eventually destroy itself as Europe has done.

John Good February 12, 2020 at 8:25 pm

As a Canadian Trump supporter, here in Florida for the winter, I passionately follow “all things President Trump” & I can safely say that this is the start of the Trump Dynasty in American Politics!

After Donald J. Trump Sr. wins this yr., Donald Trump Jr. will be POTUS for the next 8 yrs., then Eric or Ivanka Trump (16 yrs.) & then Barron Trump should be close to the age!

After the World sees how a well-run Country can actually be achieved, the Liberal Heads will be exploding & they won’t have anyone to vote for them! Ted Kennedy saw this trend back in the mid 60’s, where not enough Americans were voting for the Democrats, so he “opened-up the borders” to all the 3 rd World freeloaders & gave them “Gov’t Cheese” to buy their votes & the RINOS got “cheap-labor to boot”, so this kind of leads to the situation we see here in North America.


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