Defending Communist And Totalitarian Dictators: Bernie’s Swan Song

He is not pro-Israel. He is pro-Palestinian.

Defending Communist And Totalitarian Dictators: Bernie's Swan Song
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Bernie Sanders was late to the party on condemning Nicolas Maduro, dictator in Venezuela. We have all seen the reports about the horrific treatment of the Venezuelan people by this barbaric leader of Venezuela and his military thugs. Apparently, Bernie could not bring himself to totally and unequivocally condemn this ruthless administration. His ardent supporter Ocasio-Cortez could not condemn Maduro either.

Sanders also stated that it is worthy to support good policies in Communist China, even though the entire system is predicated on the preservation of the dictatorship and free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, a free economy and other personal freedoms are non-existent.

Then there is Cuba. It was astonishing to see Bernie end his campaign for the presidency by making statements that will no doubt lose him Florida. It is almost inconceivable that he would defend the education program in Cuba as a positive attribute of that barbaric dictatorship. Think about the consequence of that reading program and education in Cuba. What would literate students read? Thomas Jefferson’s writings, Abraham Lincoln’s writing, Locke or Rosseau? Of course not. They would be reading Karl Marx, the Communist Manifesto and other anti-freedom indoctrination writings to suppress the notion of liberty. There was and is nothing good about the Castro Brothers and their dictatorship in Cuba.

Due to the political fallout from that defense of Communist Cuba, Sanders lost Florida with that statement. As a talk host in Miami, I learned quickly about the Cuban-American attitudes toward Castro. He was an incendiary topic. The Cuban-American community had total repulsion toward the regime. Bernie defending the Castro regime in any way was political suicide in Florida.

There is also greater understanding of Sanders’ views on Israel. He is not pro-Israel. He is pro-Palestinian. When he condemns the alleged bigotry of Prime Minister Netanyahu, he forgets to mention that the overt and expressed policies of Hamas and Hezbollah include the murder of as many Jews as possible. Bernie does not mention that the Hamas and Hezbollah charters include the end goal to be the destruction of Israel and all those lands be given to the Palestinians. Why doesn’t Bernie condemn the murderous vitriol that these groups have toward Israel while falsely charging the Prime Minister of Israel with bigotry?

Bernie has been friendly with and had as an advisor since the 2016 campaign Linda Sarsour. She is a Jew-hater, an anti-Semitic bigot and a fervent supporter of the destruction of The Jewish State. Bernie embraces Ocasio-Cortez and Omar who have the same views. And, in the most insulting fashion, Bernie pretends to have strong Jewish roots, having lived in Israel for 6 months and having a cousin there. Why does Bernie have these connections to overt and unequivocal enemies of Israel if he is her supporter?

Bernie Sanders is a footnote in history and will finish out his Senate term and fade off into the sunset. He deserves no more.

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