Covid Mandates, The Ultimate Cancelation Of Life

The President of Israel, Isaac Herzog, and his wife Michal Herzog have launched the third complementary vaccination campaign against the corona virus. Friday, the 21st of Av, July 30
Image by Haim Zach

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Imagine being an Israeli tour guide who hasn’t worked since March, 2020.  You’d jump at the chance to finally get back to work, even if it involves a very scaled-down group of the amount that had originally booked the trip.  But who cares?  The thought of returning to the profession you love means everything!

But wait, what happens if you’re not a vaccinated tour guide? Can you still work?  Well let’s see – you’re not allowed to use the store bought rapid tests, but you can go to a MADA facility (Magen David Adom) Israel’s version of the Red Cross.  The only downside is those results are only received between 24-48 hours later.  So what’s a better option?  A rapid test which gives you results within 20 minutes.  Great! But if you’re a tour guide who must accompany your group all day long, you’d have to figure out how to locate a specific testing center close to where you’ll be each day. So can you really work?  Not unless you’re some kind of a magician who can be in two places at once.  Add to that, the ever-mounting price tag those tests will cost over the course of ten days, and the prospect becomes terribly daunting.

This is the conundrum of my good friend who has been an Israeli tour guide for the last 22 years, doing what is considered a dream job.  But now, the very thought of the many hoops through which a tour guide must jump, in order to shuffle around a handful of people through the country, has these guides thinking – is it worth it?

Others don’t even have those options.  Thousands stand to lose their livelihood as government mandates are put into place in many places throughout the world.

An Australian friend has told me that he personally knows of four healthcare workers in South East Queensland who have either not been offered renewed contracts or have been forced to use up their holiday time, eating into their retirement funds.  They include two nurses, one Diabetes specialist and one ward nurse.  Of course, most of us have heard the horrifying story of Southwest Airline pilots who have also been told to vax or stop flying.  The same has been told to police as well as military personnel – many of whom have decided to challenge these mandates through the court system. Valued navy seals also lost jobs as they were booted out of service.  The list is endless.

The odd thing about this striking picture, before us, is that those who make the case for a vaccine mandate will tell you that they are doing this in order to “save lives.”  Yes, they don’t want you to die or cause the death of others, so they would tell you that their main concern is literally preventing “death.”  But if that’s true, why is it that they don’t employ a bit of second-level thinking to come to the conclusion that if you can’t work, you can’t make money, and if you can’t make money, you can’t buy food, and if you can’t buy food, you will die of starvation.  Almost any way you look at it, “death” is where this road leads.

That almost, kind of, makes you realize that the threat of death is not really the motivating factor of these do-gooders, because if it was, they wouldn’t be cutting off your very lifeline which affords you the dignity of providing for yourself and your loved ones.  However, in this case, it’s clear that they are trying to strangle you into submission.  So what is this really about?

Well we know, for sure, that it’s not about health or the preservation of life since, at the moment, nothing can really guarantee anyone on the planet, vaccinated or not, that they won’t get Covid or spread Covid.  In fact, here in Israel, many of the omicron cases, 50,000 just today are mostly vaccinated individuals since the vast majority of Israelis have been vaccinated. 

A simple method of extrapolation of the truth would suggest that this is more about getting the masses to obey more than anything else.  And how does one get the masses to obey?  Take away the very lifeline that gives them their daily bread.  Squeeze them until they have no choice but to comply.  Isolate them from society and sustenance until they yell, “uncle.”  Then they will no longer dare to be individuals who think for themselves.  They will become the robots who obey the orders that come down from those who know better and who have determined that there should be one path, one destiny and one way of thinking for all!

It is, indeed, an insidious measure to choose to take away one’s ability to support themselves as well as their children.  In some cases, unemployment benefits will also not be an option for the unvaccinated.  By any standard, these measures are cruel, heartless and inhumane.  Yet, they may have effectively become the new humanity cleansing tool of our time for the resistant.

Whether or not you are pro Covid-vaccine, the issue is way beyond the shot.  Happening right before our eyes is a gruesome and repugnant effort to strip people of their ability to be independent as money earners who can be responsible for their families.  A massive robbery is taking place by those who are rendering the years of study and training, as useless, which these individuals have undergone in order to be respected contributors of society, having gained the trust and high esteem their career has afforded them.

Such an odious act, as to steal a person’s earned and treasured worth, is tantamount to a new type of cancel culture which literally annihilates a person’s very existence along with those who financially depend upon them.

There is, perhaps, no greater tactic of destroying and killing the lives of people – all without the use of guns.   In fact, no weapons of any kind are needed for this massive war that is being waged on individuals who have, through their own choice, decided that the Covid vaccine is not right for them.  As they are being told that they do not have the right to make that decision for themselves, the message is forcefully being transmitted by the stoppage of their paycheck.

This cannot end well, because hungry people will do whatever it takes to feed their families, and if world governments are truly looking for a fight, it might not be long before they have one on their hands.  Mass protests have been taking place in many major cities throughout the world for some time.  Among those demonstrating are even vaccinated individuals who believe that something is really off with the green passport mandates which deprive basic civil rights and entry to venues which everyone once enjoyed as part of their freedoms.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that all of this doesn’t add up to “caring for others,” “guarding everyone’s health” and “doing the responsible thing.”  Controlling the masses is very heady stuff.  It makes you feel like the Almighty, and isn’t that what’s going on?  There is a concerted effort, at hand, to be the great and providential leader of humanity.  My only response to this is “May the one, true G-d help us all.”

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Rebekah Moriarty March 28, 2022 at 1:05 am

Cookie Schwaeber-Issan,
Thank you for your opinion pieces. I find your articulation clear and concise and I really appreciate your contribution at this unprecedented time when insanity has gone mainstream.


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