We Need An End Date To All The Madness

Image by Amos Ben Gershom

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Most of us can put up with just about anything if we know that it’s going to end shortly.  As horrible as things like war, food shortages, pandemics and all the rest, we can endure so long as relief is in sight. But a big part of today’s troubling trends, which are causing havoc in our lives, is that there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight.

Quite the opposite!  If anything, there’s just more piling on to the misery which is the cause of much despair and an overwhelming feeling of helplessness.

Take gas prices as an example.  While this is not the first time we’ve seen them spike up to unprecedented levels, we’ve also seen them drop, making us feel that the temporary inconvenience of shelling out more money at the pump was just that – temporary.  However, when we hear that a reopening of a pipeline is not up for consideration or that drilling and fracking is off the table or that permits to produce oil are being derailed, hopes get dashed.  Forbes has reported that “companies stockpiled permits on federal lands leading up to the President’s inauguration, because several Democratic candidates, including the president, supported banning new drilling permits on federal lands.” (www.forbes.com, What is Holding Back U.S. Oil Production? 3/11/22)

So, when you go to fill up your car and end up paying an outrageous amount, which eats into your food and housing budget, hearing the President say that there will be no relief anytime soon forces you to confront serious anxiety with no end date. 

Of course, you could improvise or hang on if you knew that the start of 2023 would usher in relief and a return to reasonable prices, but with no such glimmer of hope, the mind begins to soar to places of angst and desperation of how you will make ends meet with each passing month.  It is then that $5.00 per gallon looks pretty good while prices continue to soar on a daily level with projections of $10.00 a gallon as the eventual reality.

Moving on to air travel – something we all enjoyed and did frequently.  Just over the Memorial Day weekend, an estimated 2500 flights were canceled due to lack of personnel and some weather disturbances – but mostly due to staff issues.  With massive firings by each company – United alone terminating around 600 employees for non-compliance to vaccination requirements, is it any wonder that flights are not operating with the same level of efficiency?  According to BBC News, “30,000 air travel jobs were cut during the pandemic and thousands of jobs were also cut from airports and aviation support activities.”  (bbc.com, Why are flights being cancelled? 6/1/22)

Just last week, Delta Airlines announced that it would be cutting 100 flights a day during July and August.  There is no question that a shortage in staff is to blame for this massive disruption which has left thousands stranded in every part of the globe.  But is there an end in sight? No!  In fact, according to thestreet.com, “some airlines brought back entire fleets to meet higher-than-anticipated demand for travel this summer but have been unable to meet staffing needs due to various reasons, such as re-certifying pilots, getting necessary security clearances, and even greater than anticipated time off.” (Why are flights being cancelled, 5/31/22)

With those statistics, is anyone ready to take the risk of being indefinitely stranded in an airport for days?  Oddly enough, no one is talking about new and innovative ways to fix these problems.  They are just fixated on letting you know that things will not improve in the near future, so learn to adapt to the lack of flights which will now be a regular occurrence.

On to the food supply chain and why there’s no end in sight for solving the many shortages, including the most current baby formula crisis which may take many more months to resolve. 

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You may have noticed that many stores are running out of very basic items which contain wheat, sugar, avocados, paper goods, canned goods, eggs and meat, pet food, baby formula and liquor.  According to tasteofhome.com, 9 Items you Might Not find in your Grocery Store (and Why), 6/1/22), labor shortages and supply-chain issues are cited.  They say, “There simply aren’t enough people to make the goods, move the goods and sell the goods. The recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia plays a role, with supply chains from Europe heavily disrupted.  Labor shortages also continue, with people still out due to Covid-19 or resigning due to low wages and poor work conditions.”  Another reason given was the increase of more people cooking from home, further raising the demand for supplies.

However, instead of thinking outside the box in order to find workable solutions to all these dilemmas, the article, instead, encourages shoppers to adapt to these new limitations, not stockpile or panic shop and to consider fellow shoppers.  

Not an answer or quick fix in sight – just loads of useless advice as to how to readjust expectations, lower your demands and live within the confines of a much less productive and abundant bounty which are now becoming a fading memory.

If you didn’t know better, you might thing that all of this is a well-calculated plan to prepare the masses for what is still yet to come – an even further spiraling into the abyss of lack, deprivation and dependency on those who decide how much and when you get your food, transportation and other daily necessities of life.

How is it that we can put a man on the moon, invent artificial intelligence, eradicate disease through medical innovative technology but somehow fail to understand that if you close down a baby formula plant which supplies 40% of all baby formula, it won’t translate into a major supply crisis? Where were the great minds who should have been able to come up with a Plan B in order to keep production from coming to a screeching halt? 

It is not conceivable that highly intelligent and capable people all suffered from brain freeze at the same time.  It is more likely that there is a coordinated effort to move us all into a new period of uncertainty, confusion and chaos where only a few select individuals manage or deliberately mismanage global interactions which continue to degenerate with no end in sight.  One thing is for sure, though.  A lack of light at the end of the tunnel translates into a lack of hope.  

People cannot live well or successfully in the absence of hope, and when that necessary element is taken from them, they will do whatever it takes to somehow create a plan or aspiration which will restore the peace and well-being for which they are desperately searching.  

That is when the real battle begins, because if there are truly bad players who are set on dashing all hopes and likewise those who are set on restoring sanity and ending the madness, then those two clashing groups will meet head on.  The only question that remains is which of them will prevail!

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Adrienne June 4, 2022 at 7:53 am

The hope and confidence for our future is in Jesus Christ our Lord. With Him we keep peace in our hearts, no matter what the world throws at us. His light shines through us, the Body Of Christ. He has commanded that we go forth and be the light of the world. Always focus on Jesus to always function as part of the Body and He will always see to our needs, physical and spiritual. Don’t let the evil of the world steal your joy and fill you full of fear. Fear happens when faith is absent. Satan uses fear and depression to separate us from Jesus. Do not be deceived. Resist the devil and he will flee. We will continue in the glory of our Lord.

Mary June 5, 2022 at 2:24 pm

We have to fight this tyranny or the forces that be will continue moving their goal posts to a point we become the walking zombies they want us to be! AND the cabal is not far from reaching at least their primary goal.. complete domination!


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