Terror Lurks Among Millions Of Illegal Aliens

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Nazism is the common ideological characteristic of Iran and its terrorist surrogates Hezbollah, Hamas, and their supporters in the U.S. and elsewhere — some even flaunting swastikas — who organize pro-Palestinian demonstrations and rallies to celebrate Hamas’ murdering, raping, and kidnapping of hundreds of innocent Israelis.

Since its inception in 1987, Hamas, the Palestinian branch of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, has publicly and repeatedly made clear its intentions. According to Article 13 of the Hamas Charter, “the only solution for the Palestinian problem … [is] by Jihad.” 

This fervor for jihad while killing Jews sets Hamas and its Iranian sponsors apart from the German Nazis, who set out to annihilate the Jews and did their best to murder as many as they could (6 million), so they could live in a Judenrein (clean of Jews) society. As of this writing, 1,300 Israeli babies, young and old women and men, and 22 Americans were butchered by Hamas terrorists. At least 150, including at least 17 Americans, have been taken hostage. 

The jihadist ideology that motivates Hamas is clearly stated in Article 7 of the Hamas charter: “The Day of Judgment will not come about until Muslims fight Jews and kill them. Then, the Jews will hide behind rocks and trees, and the rocks and trees will cry out: ‘O Moslem, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him.'” 

Hamas was designated by the State Department as a “Foreign Terrorist Organization” in April 1993 and has governed the Gaza Strip since 2007. But it continued to enjoy hundreds of millions of American and European taxpayers’ dollars provided in the form of “humanitarian aid” by UNRWA, the Hamas-controlled largest employer in Gaza, including the teachers’ union employed at the UNRWA-funded schools. The schools store weapons and hide Hamas operatives, while the teachers religiously indoctrinate the children to kill all Jews. 

While U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres conveyed his displeasure with Hamas’ attack on Israel, he has repeatedly expressed that he’s “deeply distressed” by Israel’s response to Hamas’s brutal attacks. A U.N. news release this week lauding “UNRWA’s unsung heroes” cited a post on X (formerly Twitter) by Juliette Touma, UNRWA’s director of communications, who is based in Amman, Jordan, “calling on all parties to end the fighting everywhere and to spare further unnecessary loss of civilians,” as she complained about suffering Gazans. 

Yet one day before Hamas’ murderous attack against Israel, the Israeli daily Haaretz revealed: “U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken (under pressure from the Democrats and UNRWA) overrode a Republican-issued hold on $75 million in food assistance for the Palestinian Territories [i.e., Gaza], hours before the money was set to be forcibly redistributed elsewhere.” 

Blinken apparently once again fell for Palestinian demands for funding to prevent another looming shortage of supplies in Gaza due to “Israel’s occupation.” (Israel left the Gaza Strip in 2005.) 

Is Blinken really so gullible? Perhaps. His claim that “not a single dollar was spent” from the $6 billion released to Iran in exchange for five American hostages made him a laughingstock. His preposterous insistence confirms the Biden administration’s refusal to acknowledge Iran’s direct involvement in and responsibility for Hamas and Hezbollah’s funding, arming, training, and orchestrating their brutal attacks on Israel. 

Speaking of Iran, Jack Lew, the former Obama treasury secretary who facilitated the transfer of $1.8 billion in untraceable cash to Iran (which then-Secretary of State John Kerry admitted would fund Iran’s terrorist activities) should not be confirmed by the Senate as the new U.S. ambassador to Israel. His presence in the country so savagely attacked by Iran’s proxies would be a constant reminder of America’s willingness to jeopardize Israel’s existence. 

But it isn’t just Israel’s national security that’s at stake. We have no idea how many Hamas members or other radical Muslims have entered the United States among the more than 1.5 million illegal alien “gotaways” who have crossed the border during Joe Biden’s tenure. Fox News on Tuesday reported on an internal Customs and Border Protection memo identifying 151 individuals on the FBI terror watch list who have been apprehended at the border in fiscal year 2023. In addition, between October 2021 and this month, agents arrested 659 illegal aliens from Iran, 538 from Syria, 164 from Lebanon, 185 from Jordan, 123 from Iraq, 1,613 from Pakistan, 6,386 from Afghanistan, and 3,153 from Egypt. 

But, Fox News notes, “the data does not include information on how many of those migrants were removed [from the list], or who were released into the U.S. with a court date.” 

How many among those people are radical Muslims with links to Hamas sympathizers celebrating the jihadist terrorists’ atrocities against innocent Israelis in the streets of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other cities throughout the United States? How many of them will respond to former Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal’s call for a global jihad day on October 13? It’s time the Biden government stopped the flow of illegal immigrants to America. 

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