As Biden’s Prospects Fall Among US Muslims, Gantz Travels To US, Enraging Supporters Of Netanyahu

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There are many currents swirling through Israeli politics as the war against the ‘ring of fire’ which surrounds The Jewish State continues. One of these is the long-simmering feud between Prime Minister Netanyahu and ‘Minister Without Portfolio’ Benny Gantz.

The political knife fight had supposedly been put on hold after the October 7th attacks and the ensuing war against Hamas and Iranian proxy armies in the Middle East. However, the rivals now seem to be at each other’s throat once again.

We have written about the seeming impossibility The Terrorists Drilled In Plain Sight – What Happened To Intelligence?of the ‘surprise’ Israel experienced during the terror attacks from Gaza last year. This question is yet to be answered, and political accountability is yet to be levied.

However, after the ‘Muslim flex’ in the Michigan primary against Joe Biden, where he lost to ‘uncommitted’, a show of force from the imported Muslim community in the state, the Biden administration is now seemingly attempting to dethrone the Netanyahu government.

The arrival of arch political enemy Benny Gantz in Washington, to meet with Biden’s team to cement this new ‘color revolution’, is proof enough of this development.

Tsionizm will cover the issue via our sources in-country, insight you will not receive from other media outlets.

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