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Israel Signs $175 Million Defense Radar Export Deal With Slovakia


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Israel and Slovakia signed a $175 million contract on Thursday for Slovakia’s procurement of 17 state-of-the-art Israeli Multi Mission Radar (MMR) systems. The development is symbolic of Israel’s expanding role in Central European and European defense.

Requested by the Slovak Ministry of Defense, the deal encompasses transfer of both technology and knowledge from Israel. It also provides for manufacturing cooperation with Slovakia under the oversight of Israel Aerospace Industries and the Israeli Defense Ministry.

An integral piece of Israel’s famous “Iron Dome”, the MMR system (designated as the ELM-2084 by the ELTA subsidiary of the IAI), “detects airborne threats, classifies them, calculates their threat level and provides essential data that enables systems to neutralize multiple threats simultaneously,” the Israel Defense Ministry said in a statement.

With 130 MMR systems delivered to the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, Israel’s air defense systems are playing an increasing role throughout Eastern Europe. The spread of Israel’s defense industry doesn’t stop there with recent deals in Greece, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

“Recent agreements include a deal with Greece for a flight school for the Hellenic air force and a deal to sell unique military radios to Spain. The United Kingdom is looking at an Israeli command post and has acquired an Elbit Systems future naval simulator. In December 2019 Israel and the Czech Republic signed a $125 million deal for Elta radar systems to be supplied to Prague,” writes the National Interest.

The MMR system is inter-operable with NATO and Indian defense systems, making Israeli air defense technology increasingly the spearhead of innovation across the globe.

Defense Minister, Benny Gantz labeled the Israeli-Slovakian deal as a “significant milestone” in cooperation between both nations.

“The new agreement first and foremost provides Slovakia with high-quality, advanced systems to maintain their national security, while also strengthening defense industries and creating many new jobs in Israel and Slovakia,” Gantz stated.

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I wonder how much of that technology was given to Israel by our export
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