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Israeli People’s Committee Releases Horrific Report On Consequences Of Vaccine Campaign, Government/Media Coverup

Image by Israeli Police

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A group of concerned Israeli’s has conducted its own research into the vaccine program in Israel and the consequences of the massive push to vaccinate the entire society. The group, the ‘Israeli People’s Committee’ (IPC) also alleges a total coverup of reality on the ground by the Israeli government and the media.

IPC rebased a shocking interim report in May of this year, alleging mass adverse health reactions and death.

You can read the entire report here.

The Israeli People’s Committee is a group that was formed by Israeli citizens, whose goal is to encourage people to share and relate their experience in regard to civil rights violations, any damages or discrimination arising from the current crisis, ethics violations and suspected governmental and institutional criminality, reads the group’s website.

The team of Doctors, Attorneys, Criminologists, Epidemiologists and Academic Researchers is determined to perform an investigation, inquiry, and exposure for the benefit of the public.

For a whole year now, we have been under an institutionalized campaign of intimidation by the state leadership and the heads of the health system, under whose auspices a government dictatorship is being formed and being forged and all the most basic human rights are being robbed and squashed...

With regard to the vaccination campaign, one gets the impression that the media has transgressed against its role and acts to suppress any opinion that does not reconcile with the governmental narrative; and this in ways of silencing and even ridiculing, while becoming in fact the voice of the government and to a large extent, its behavior is reminiscent of propaganda channels of dark totalitarian regimes...

In view of the governmental conduct saturated with failures and omissions, as well as the hiding of government officials behind thirty years of secrecy over the corona discussions, it is not surprising that large sections of the public have completely lost faith in the establishment...

The May report in part reads…

While the Prime Minister of Israel and senior officials of the Israeli ministry of health brag that Israel serves as a global model for nationwide vaccination, and while they boast that Pfizer has chosen us to be the experimental country thanks to the advanced technological systems of our HMOs [Health Maintenance Organizations], the state has systematically shut down all monitoring and tracking systems, which are designed to identify and alert of adverse events that occur in proximity of receiving the corona vaccine…

From our inquiry a disturbing image has emerged of the high rate of serious adverse events, observed in proximity to receiving the vaccine, even among young people. Many adverse events are life-threatening, and regretfully more than a few ended in death…

We received 330 reports of deaths occurring in proximity after the vaccination (90% up to 10 days after the vaccination). 64% are men. According to the ministry of health’s statement: only 45 deaths occurred in proximity after the vaccination…

According to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), during January-March 2021, in the midst of the vaccination operation, there was a 18% increase in overall mortality in Israel compared to the tri-monthly average mortality in the previous year. In fact, the period of January-March 2021 is the deadliest one in the last decade, with the highest overall mortality rates, when compared to the corresponding months over the last 10 years.  Among the age group of 20-29, the increase in overall mortality rate is even more dramatic. In this group, during the same vaccination period, January-March 2021, there has been a 30% increase in overall mortality compared to the tri-monthly average mortality in 2020…

A statistical analysis of data from the CBS combined with information from the ministry of health leads to the conclusion that the mortality rate amongst the vaccinated is estimated at 1:3000 (1:18000 for ages 20-49, 1:5000 for ages 50-69, 1:1100 for ages 70+). According to this assessment, it is possible to estimate that the number of deaths in Israel, which have occurred in proximity after the vaccination, currently stands at about 1600-1700 people…

In light of the extent and severity of post-vaccination adverse events we are witnessing, we would like to express the committee’s definite position that vaccinating children is both dangerous and lacking any medical basis. It may lead to adverse events, similar to those observed in adults (including young adults from age of 16), which could result in the death of completely healthy children. The committee believes that the intention to vaccinate children, while putting in danger their lives, their health, and their future development, has no medical justification since the coronavirus does not endanger children at all…

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ARG August 5, 2021 at 8:31 pm

We were so happy in 1989-90 that the communist states have disappeared from reality, and that hence we could calm down, but we see now that we were happy in vain, for nothing, worthless.

In the last decade a phenomenon was visible, namely the insufficient attitude of confronting the manifestations of a poor morality and ethycs in regard to human individuals, in conceiving the human individuals, manifestations as were the pharisaical relativism of the postmodernism with his centration in the personal experince and emotions, the fanaticism for palestinians and then for past subjects of colonialism or slavery , then the fanaticism for musulmans , and the fanaticism for identifying an increase in temperature and the fanaticism for identifying CO2 as the cause of such increase. Without balance for the human individuals and scientific debate.

And all these were promoting the elimination of the human reasoning, no interest for the enlightment of the 17 century or for Aristotel in these opinion groups. No iquiry envisaged inside their ideas , in fact, simple ideas as any other ideas, as if the individual human beings suddenly no more exist with their private brains that generate punctualy addapted ideas and solutions and failures. As if suddenly no more fallibility of knowledge, no more falsifiability as inside engine of science, no more why. Just, only, the ideas of those manifestations groups.

Today rethinking the history is a habitual thing.


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