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The Israeli Ministry Of Health Actually Did A Survey Of Adverse Events After The Booster Dose And It’s Absolutely Devastating

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Well surprise, surprise. The Israeli Ministry of Health (MoH) conducted an actual survey of about two thousand people 3-4 weeks after they received the third (booster) shot of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, asking them about the adverse events they experienced following vaccination. The results are absolutely devastating to the COVID-19 vaccine program and the push for vaccine mandates. They come to me from my brother-in-arms. ‘Galileo is Back’ (and boy is he pissed!).

The survey report was released last week (Feb. 9) and from what I could find it is not available on the MoH website but only via a website for medical staff only, so it is not publicly available. (Correction: it was released on the MoH Telegram channel.) The report was greeted by the media mainly with near dead silence, aside from a couple of articles downplaying the adverse events as mild and transient.

This is after more than a year that every talking head on TV and every newspaper large and small assured the Israeli public that they were monitoring the safety of the vaccines and that they were obviously extremely safe because there were very few reports and most of them were extremely minor and you were a crazy conspiracy theorist to doubt it…

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Andrew Benjamin March 20, 2022 at 11:40 am

With respect to the link in the sentence: “….from what I could find it is not available on the MoH website but only via a website for medical staff only…” I took the liberty to translate it in ts entirety from the Hebrew. I refer you to Nos. 2 & 5. Draw your own conclusions to decide whether the scary headline merits the narrative of the essay:

Headquarters for the fight against the corona virus; Survey of reported symptoms after Pfizer’s third booster vaccine against COVID-19


The purpose of the survey was to examine the prevalence of the symptoms that appeared within 21-30 days of the third vaccine (booster dose) of the Pfizer company against Corona among Israeli citizens aged 18+.

The survey, approved by the Ministry of Health’s Supreme Helsinki Committee, included 2,049 participants, of whom 51% were men and 49% were women, among 3 age groups (39-18, 59-40, 60+).

Survey conclusions:
Reporting of symptoms is more common in women and young people

2. Most reports among those aged 18+ were of local or general symptoms that passed at the end of one to three days.

3. Neurological, allergic and other symptoms were much less common (about 4%); However 10% of women (up to age 54) who reported other symptoms suffered from menstrual irregularities

4. Minority of neurological symptoms (itching, numbness, blurred vision) Allergies and others appeared in long periods of time from the vaccine (up to a month), more than one-fifth of those who reported these symptoms, sought medical attention.

5. Most of the reported side effects, of all types, the occurrence after the third vaccine was not more severe compared to previous vaccines.

Tsionizm Staff March 21, 2022 at 5:56 am

We would suggest readers view the entire Substack article itself before accepting this ‘translation’ which omits a great deal.


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