Netanyahu’s Body Guards Get A New Type Of Gun

Netanyahu’s bodyguards spotted brandishing a new anti-drone weapon

Drone gun by HIKVISION

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, fresh off his impressive election win is enjoying a well-deserved Passover break. Today he is visiting the Golan Heights, where he promised to name a new town after US president Trump, the first foreign leader to recognize the Israeli annexation of the territory after it was captured from Syria in the 1967 Six Day War.

Yesterday, Netanyahu was mingling with Israelis visiting the beaches near his home in Caesaria. During that outing, one of his bodyguards was seen brandishing a new type of weapon. The weapon was later identified as an anti-drone gun made by the Chinese company HIKVISION. The gun has a reported range of 1000 meters (1000 yards) and works by disrupting the ability of the drone to communicate with its operator. The drone then does whatever it had been pre-programmed to do in such an eventuality, e.g. return to base, land, etc. The gun is also equipped with a 9X telescopic sight and a powerful rechargeable lithium battery.

The new addition to the prime minister’s body guards’ arsenal comes on the heels of a scathing report by Israel’s Inspector General, which identified the lack of ability to deal with threats from various aerial autonomous vehicles as an immediate area of concern.

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