A Revolution In Reverse: The Uprising Of The American Elites Against The American People

The unprecedented criminal corruption of the American ruling classes has made it impossible for them to peacefully surrender power back to the people

An early Bolshevik show trial of the Metropolitan of St. Petersburg Veniyamin Kazansky
Copyright: http://www.encspb.ru/object/2804009546?lc=en [Public domain]

The great Bolshevik revolutions of the last century in Russia, in China, and in Cuba all followed a familiar pattern: a group of young, energetic, endlessly corruptible, but not yet corrupt outsiders take on, in the name of the people, a tired corrupt establishment. A civil war ensues in which the people side with the revolutionaries because they (mistakenly) think that things can never be worse. Revolutionaries win, slaughter the establishment elites, and proceed to rob and enslave the people in even more outrageous fashion. Soon enough the old guard revolutionaries become every bit as corrupt as the ones they have replaced if not more so and the cycle repeats itself.

In America, the situation is rather farcically backwards. In America, the corrupt establishment elites have decided to stage a Bolshevik coup against the American people rather than the other way around. A Tsar fully in command of his own kingdom staging a coup against his own people is a bizarre development to say the least, and yet, here we are in 2019 America. Like always, there are reasons. First and foremost among them is the sheer scope of the nepotism and corruption of the American elites in business, government, technology, and the intelligence services. This scope has very likely far exceeded anything previously known in human history. Had the dimensions of the robbery perpetrated by the American ruling classes against the American people become widely known earlier, America could well have experienced a more typical revolution, one by the people against the elites.

Well aware of the possibility if not probability of such an outcome, the people who run America put in place a plan to make it all but impossible. The plan involved the gradually escalating erosion of the limits on government powers put in place by the Constitution with a parallel erosion in the God-given rights guaranteed every American by the same document. This was a fully bipartisan effort, put in place immediately after president Reagan departed office. It is sufficient to observe the exponential increase in government versus private sector employment in America from 1988 to 2019 to fully grasp this point. Stopping immigration from countries that have (or at least used to have) a tradition of personal freedom and limited government while throwing open the spigots for immigration from countries that have neither was the second part of the same plan. The destruction of family values and Christianity in America was the third.

On the whole, the plan was a spectacular success. Americans proved easy targets for propaganda on pro-gay rights and every other kind of moral depravity and have learned to bite their tongues and bow low whenever they heard the phrase: “diversity is our strength”. White Americans learned to internalize guilt for something they had no control over – the very color of their skin. Americans allowed themselves to become squeezed out of well-paying jobs by the elites-induced trifecta of low and high-skilled immigration and automation, with nary a whisper in protest. All was going well for the elites until they had a panic attack, a freakout of unheard of proportions when a non-establishment person, Donald Trump managed to get himself elected president.

The problem for the elites inherent in Trump’s election was simple: they have not done much, if anything, to cover the tracks of their massive robbery of the American people and that meant that when Trump assumed office even their best efforts would likely not be good enough to stop him from perceiving at least a glimpse of the true scale of their crimes.

There is a certain irony in the fact that being criminals themselves, the American establishment has found, in Trump, the one true nemesis, a New York developer who cut his teeth dealing with the New York building trades, which are, of course, a criminal element in and of themselves.

Trying to pin on Trump their own sins of sexual corruption, nepotism, embezzlement, etc. has not been a well-thought out strategy on the part of the American power elites simply because it enabled him to begin educating the american public as to the breathtaking scope of their own criminality. Now, on the verge of Trump’s inevitable reelection, they are left with only one option: a coup d’etat against the American people, the American Constitution, and the American Republic itself.

Since the elites still very much permeate every hall of power in America, this is a one-off deal in which the rulers of a country set out to violently overthrow the very political structure of the country they are ruling, but, as they say, it is what it is. The cover may be different, but the playbook is the same, so we are already being exposed to the oldies but goodies of escalating agitprop (weaponized lies and propaganda), suppression of unwanted elements (cancel culture), and paid snitching (whistleblowing). Now we are entering into a new phase, that of secret trials with a predetermined outcome.

Apparently congressional Democrats are going to hold impeachment hearings (read Bolshevik tribunal) at a secret location with no rights whatsoever being afforded to the accused. The transparent illegality of this kangaroo court is so blatant that even the Democrats cannot hope to have the impeachment upheld in the GOP-controlled senate. If they could hold the impeachment hearings properly in front of the full House, they would have done so because a formal impeachment with all Democratic and a few Republican votes would have given them a 50-50 shot in the Senate. Unfortunately for all of us, however, the scope of their criminal acts is such that they cannot contemplate any due process without committing political and even non-political suicide.

Unfortunately for all of us I say, because what follows next will not be pretty. Having obtained an illegal impeachment that has no chance in the Senate, the powers that be in America will use this “impeachment” to force Trump off the 2020 ballot by any means possible, including things that now sound crazy like setting up a parallel Supreme Court having declared the Constitution illegitimate because it was written by white males some of whom supported slavery and ratified without African American and other minority votes.

Needless to say, such actions may well precipitate an armed conflict we know of as civil war, but that would not be an unexpected outcome for the elites. We know now that the American intelligence services all work for the elites and not for the people. They will fight on their side in the coming war. What we don’t know is to what degree the armed forces have been infiltrated, especially the mid-level officer corps.

The outcomes of such cataclysms are never possible to predict, but we know what we know. American ruling classes have long since betrayed her and her people to make themselves fabulously, generationally rich and powerful. They could have cut a power-sharing deal with the American people as represented by president Trump; his hand has always been open to them. They didn’t take him up on it. Massive anger is building up in America now and the battle lines are drawn: either the American republic overthrows her own criminal elites or they overthrow her. Which shall it be? To quote the Commander in Chief of the forces of light: “we’ll see what happens.”

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Susan MacKenzie October 9, 2019 at 6:46 pm

It is the United States “of” America (the continent), not “America”. America is the continent.

Whiskey1Bravo October 9, 2019 at 7:32 pm

Hey Susan,

Wow, you are some kind of special aren’t you.
It can be either way lady. This is not a map course on land mass. You miss the whole point of the article which is way more important than what we are called. We have for a very long time now been refer to as “The United States of America” and as “America” plus “The land of the free and the home of the brave.”

PAWatcher October 10, 2019 at 8:18 am

The corruption in the US is on full display, thanks to the Trump voters for choosing the only hope to clean up the mess: and it is a royal mess. Literally they think they are royalty: from DC deep state to Hollywood to illegal immigrants. What a farce.
What’s happening to corruptions in the US is about to go global: no place to hide. When Kosovo folds the push will know success.

Mark October 10, 2019 at 9:40 am

No Susan. The continent is North America. There is no continent of America. America is the popular name for our country. As in America the Beautiful, America and all the others.


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