Biden Renews Failed State Department Middle East Dreams

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When Trump took office he switched tactics from decades of the failed “land for peace” to “Peace to Prosperity”. Rather than focus on political achievements or border solutions, Trump took the indirect approach of improving the lot of the Palestian people. He took a further step by using “the stick” by moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem. So-called experts condemned the plan, claiming it would lead to further conflict.

To the surprise of international foreign policy experts, Trump shed another relic of the past. It has always been assumed that without Palestinian-Israeli peace, there could be no further negotiation with other Arab states. Trump proved them wrong. The Abraham Accords led to peace between Israel and the United
Arab Emirates, Bahrain, as well as normalization with Morocco.

Trump’s Middle East policy led to the destruction of ISIS, isolation of Iran, renewed alliances with Saudi Arabia and Egypt. He succeeded where generations of career State Department officials failed.

But since Joe Biden took office, he returned to policies proven to fail. Failure in Afghanistan, weakness with Iran,and now the Ukraine situation have signaled Biden weakness. This has emboldened the Palestians and they sense an opportunity to use terrorism to again drive the negotiations with Israel. The Palestinians have taken every peace negotiation to initiate massive terror attacks in order to extract concessions.

This leads us to current events. In the past 7 days there have been three major terrorist attacks. The first was a knife attack, but the last two were carried out by terrorists using automatic weapons, including one attack by Israeli Arabs. The most recent attack came on the eve of a peace negotiation between Israel, the UAE, Egypt, Morocco, and Bahrain. The Palestians efforts to provoke an Israeli response in order to disrupt the summit apparently failed as the summit was a great success.

Trump helped establishe the alliance that ultimately will confront Iran militarily.  Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain have forged an alliance that will survive any attempts by Biden or the Palestinians to drive a wedge. Should Iran get closer to a nuclear weapon they will have no choice but to go it alone. Biden’s weakness on the world stage has again made the world a more dangerous place.

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