Israel’s Senior Citizens Are Not For Sale

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An Open Letter to Israel’s Prime Minister

While nothing should surprise us anymore, a new Ynet article I just received took my breath away with its insulting headlines, “Israel to offer money to elderly to boost vaccination numbers.”  It went on to say, “In an effort to incentivize HMOs to reach a larger section of their patients over 60, a sum of NIS 100 per shot administered” would be offered.  (Ynet, 3/23/2022)

As an Israeli citizen over the age of 60, I’d like to pose the following questions to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.  “Is it your personal belief that any unvaccinated Israeli over the age of 60 somehow missed the daily media bombardment of messages that flooded our television sets for the last year and a half about getting vaccinated and boosted?  Is it your personal belief that we lacked the necessary transportation to take us to one of the many centers, provided throughout the country, in order to get the shot?  Is it your personal belief that we simply are all too old, senile or lacking in wisdom in order to comprehend that our lives are at real risk without receiving the four shots which have already been highly encouraged ad nauseum to get?”  Which is it?

Because the notion that an incentive of 100 shekels would somehow cause any of us to run right out and immediately get vaxxed simply shows your unbelievable contempt for Israel’s senior citizens who are no less sharp, lucid and informed than any other age group.  In fact, I’d wager that we are actually more informed given our lack of time constraints.  Those of us who are already retired have spent the last two years reading up on everything that was available, because we DO take our health very seriously.

You don’t know this yet, but when you reach a certain age, the quality of one’s daily life is, perhaps, more important than ever, because we want to fully enjoy whatever time we have left on this earth, making the most of every moment.  

With that in mind, many of us, after doing our homework, intently listened to many medical experts who had grave doubts about the safety and efficacy of an experimental vaccine which flooded the market literally at warped speed (per the name given this operation).  As many reports began to emerge concerning sudden death, serious bodily dysfunctions, weakened heart muscles and hundreds of other adverse side effects, those of us who waited to see the initial physical reactions began to be ever grateful that we were not among the very first to stand in line and roll up their sleeve.  All of these reports were easily accessed by going to the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effects Reports) internet site which, as troubling as it was, is said to have been woefully underreported.

It may interest you to know that one benefit of our added years of living is that we tend to be more cautious of “miracle”treatments, more suspicious of one-size, fits all cures and promises made about efficacy when just months later, they do not come to fruition.

It didn’t take but a few short months before boosters were being suggested as a means to reinforce the two shots which neither prevented catching or spreading the virus as originally claimed. But once the third booster made its way to the public, it took even less time before a fourth booster was added to the lineup.  

Of course, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, in an attempt to assure the public that this was all normal and routine, went on countless media interviews to introduce the infinity pool of annual shots for all.  

And why not?  No one could suspect that it had anything to do with the billions of dollars Pfizer was able to rake in through their indemnified rollout which sweetly insulated them from any and all legal liability. 

But here’s the icing on the cake.  Many of us became even more concerned as we watched big tech, big pharma, media outlets, politicians and celebrities all forge a symbiotic alliance which excluded questioning, honest and open discussion, exposing undesirable information or even the assertion of scientific facts.  As each of these were carefully and systematically suppressed for the purpose of the continuation of what appeared to be a well-calculated, pre-planned global initiative, no one dared to reject or second guess.

Somehow, you, Prime Minister Bennett, apparently, believe that we were quietly napping over the course of the last two years or that we are just not intellectually capable of arriving at logical conclusions based on too many things that didn’t add up. Well, I’m here to tell you that you are wrong.  

While the unvaccinated among Israel’s senior citizen community may represent the smallest adult population of those who opted out, there are still, perhaps, 10% who, after having done the mental calculations, decided that they did not want to take a risk of premature death or live miserably as a result of possible vaccine complications.  

In fact, that number is likely to have risen since the dropout rate began to increase once the early booster rooster began to crow.  If they hadn’t thought something was off before, the fact that a booster was being pushed just months after the promise that two shots would keep you safe and sound, now a new sense of doubt and aspersion was being felt that this would-be cure was no cure at all.

This became all the more amplified with the news of a fourth booster, and today, it isn’t at all surprising that money is being offered in order to incentivize the acceptance of a faulty product which is so yesterday and no longer relevant.  Sorry, PM Bennett, but as the film title goes, “We’re Just Not That Into Pfizer.”

So here’s a healthy piece of advice for you, Sir.  Keep your 100 NIS.  The country can find much better uses for that money rather than wasting it on “the elderly” who you apparently think have lost their brain power along with all the things that begin to slowly recede as the years go by.  

I can guarantee you that if any of us over 60 remain unvaccinated two and a half years post Covid, it is the result of our personal choice based on being informed, watching closely and listening intently.  The over 60 crowd is neither feeble-minded nor brain impaired.  It may take you a few years to understand that once you get to be this age, in many cases, you’re still very able to think for yourself and appreciate the money you’ve been able to put away so that even the enormous sum of 100 shekels (approximately $31) will not be a tempting amount which would sway you to compromise what you know in your heart is right!

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Andrew Benjamin


Phil Croteau March 28, 2022 at 9:22 am

Dear Ms Schwaeber-Issan,
I think you missed the point. The NIS 100 is not for you.
It is to incentivize your HMO to pester the hell out of you in the hope
that you can be bullied into surrender so the HMO can collect
an extra NIS 100. Eventually,those old-timers who succumb to the bullying
will find themselves succumbing to the next bout of flu because their immune
systems will have been destroyed by the “miracle” Covidvax.
And the world’s swollen population will have been reduced by a few more
unproductive “useless eaters”.
The shrinking pool of patriots, and the spreading swamp of globalist toads
from which we are to choose our leaders make me want to throw up my hands
and cry “Dear God, I do not understand Your plan.”
Trust, just trust. Happiness awaits (eventually). All we need do is remain faithful
as we struggle through an increasingly abnormal life.
For you, that means keep writing so excellently

Honoria Valdez March 31, 2022 at 5:41 am

MEDICARE does similar. An older yet very alert and computer-savvy aunt in the family has been receiving emails from MEDICARE offering “free” covid testing kits, with 4 kits being the offer from govt. It would be wise for anyone with elders to counsel them about the fraud since those kits have been exposed as Chinese Communist Part- manufactured to give false positive results.


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