A model of the Jewish temple created by Conrad Schick in the 1870s
Image by Dror Feitelson

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The United Nations, the Soros Network and its associated travelers, namely Human Rights WatchAmnesty International, and Transparency International (all Soros-funded operations among many), called Israel an apartheid state.

That charge for giving equal rights to its Arab citizens not given to Jews in 55 Muslim nations. 

The problem it appears is they didn’t give equal rights to nationals of other places who do not live or vote in Israel. Of course, neither do several hundred other nations, so clearly, the problem is not equal rights. The problem is Israel.

To end these scurrilous charges of Israeli apartheid only Israel’s critics’ who obsessively wage war on the Jewish state believe, there is a solution. They consistently demand a Two State Solution much of the Islamic World no longer is calling for. 

I’ll tell you what. 

Israel will immediately agree to a Two State Solution and give up its nation-and-peoplehood as soon as its critics agree to equal principles and conditions of justice for their own lands:


We can agree:

When the fifty-five or so Muslim states allow their citizens to freely convert out of Islam and practice Judaism and Christianity with equal rights (as 25% of Israel’s mostly Arab citizens and Christians freely can, some of whom serve in Israel’s Knesset, armed forces, and Supreme Court), those self-same Muslim nations will immediately see a two state solution established in Israel.

Right after Muslim states will have created a two state solution for themselves, one governed by Muslims, the other by Jews, Israel will agree to a Two State Solution. Fair enough?

When the nations of northern Africa and Asia from whom 800,000 Jews were ethnically cleansed, raped, robbed, expelled during Israel’s 1948 War of Liberation, will have paid reparations to Israel’s displaced Jews and their now four million descendants, return their businesses, real estate and farms, Israel will make reparations to the 320,000 or so so-called “Palestinians” displaced from Israel. Fair and square?

When European, African or Asian nations will have relinquished their sovereignty to their mortal enemies, Israel will also live up to the same international norms and standards and rule of law their critics demand of it, but never would consider for themselves. 

Then, and only then will Israel relinquish The Jewish State to other’s rule.

When the nationals and politicians in your country willingly will have relinquished your nation’s capital city to your mortal enemies who are not the indigenous people of your state, but rather, guests and foreign workers imported to build it (which is exactly what happened and what you’re asking of Israel and for its 3000 year-old capital Jerusalem), Israel will relinquish Jerusalem to your solutions. Fair?

I’ll tell you what! In case the leaders, nations, and organizations that keep calling Israel “an apartheid state” ever wanted a conversation about the intractable conflict, apartheid, oppression of the so-called “Palestinians,” and the Two State Solution, could we start with this discussion?

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