Politically Stalemated Israel Scores One Of Its Biggest Military And Political Victories Over The Iranian Led “Resistance Axis” In The Gaza Strip

In striking a blow against the Islamic Jihad Israel had struck at the heart of Iranian and its globalist allies

You know that you have won when the enemy has 32 casualties to your zero, when most of the enemy’s casualties are senior military commanders and most importantly when the enemy, prone as he is to self-aggrandizing, all but admits defeat. This is the situation that is developing between Israel and the Islamic radicals that rule the Gaza Strip in the aftermath of operation “Black Belt”, the successful elimination from this world of the Islamic Jihad military commander Abu Al-Ata. In fact, Israel’s incredible field, tactical, and strategic intelligence and near perfect execution of both offensive and defensive operations has led to a political crisis in the Gaza Strip with hundreds of residents going out to clash with the notoriously brutal Hamas internal security forces to give voice to their anger over the military loss and demand that the newly negotiated ceasefire does not go into effect.

In the ceasefire negotiations, brokered as usual by Egypt, Israel has committed to nothing, gave in to no demands, nothing other than the cessation of hostilities as long as it is not being fired upon. By selectively and carefully targeting only the Islamic Jihad and staying away from Hamas infrastructure and personnel, Israel has made this fight into a traditional round of Middle Eastern vendetta, with the Islamic Jihad on one side and Israel on the other. The Hamas government chose to accept this definition of the latest flareup, substantially saying to the Islamic Jihad: “they killed your guy, now it’s your job to seek revenge if you can”.

This choice by the Hamas government is showing encouraging signs of realpolitik. They are eager to win a general election against Abbas’s Fatah movement and control not only Gaza, but the big prize, Ramallah and the so-called Palestinian territories west of the Jordan River. Ironically, to do that Hamas must become more like Fatah. It must be more government and less resistance, exactly what they had criticized the Fatah for becoming.

The truth is that as the West is rapidly descending into a civil war between nationalist and globalist forces, the Palestinian base of political support in Europe is dwindling. The springs of European compassion, feigned or real, for their “suffering” in the face of the Israeli “occupation” or “blockade” are being pushed to the last bastion of European globalism in places like Ireland and Scandinavia. The globalist agenda of importing millions of Muslims, most of them Arabs, into Europe has caused everyday Europeans to become familiar with them in real life rather than in carefully staged “Pallywood” productions wherein photogenic Arab youths confront stern-faced Israeli soldiers. This real life familiarity has not been kind to the Palestinian cause; they have shown themselves to be violent, religiously extremist, misogynist to the point of rape, environmentally unclean, and terminally lazy. They have proven to be a burden, far beyond their percentage of the population, on the welfare and criminal justice systems in all European countries that had let them in and most egregiously, from the Arab perspective, any acknowledgment of this has been banned by the Euro thought police and its totalitarian state tactics, pushing these feelings underground where they happily mate with old-fashioned European ethno-barbarism to produce odious progeny straight from the pages of Mein Kampf.

The rising European and general Western nationalism may be unpleasant and soon even dangerous to the Jews in that particular diaspora, but it is quite welcome as far as the Jews living at home in Israel are concerned. The nationalist viewpoint is that Israelis and Arabs can duke it out till kingdom come as long as they don’t get anyone else involved and nothing suits Israel better or is more devastating to the “Palestinians”. They get to keep the morally and financially broke Iran, but have already lost the rest of the Arab and Muslim world’s sympathies all while very much needing to keep their underdog “good guys” image alive.

The unmistakable world trend nowadays is the comeback and re-normalization of the ethnostate. The age of the global pan-human experiments is over. No more communism, fascism, or their unholy offspring: globalism. There is a reason why top globalist leaders Barack Hussein Obama and George Soros align themselves with the Iranian-led “resistance” and why they so stridently oppose Israel. It is because the Iranian resistance is a globalist movement par excellence, while Israel its eternal nemesis, the quintessential ethnostate. Of course, the “resistance” movement against President Trump that has sprung up in the bastions of America’s globalism such as the State Department is another example of a globalist movement and this brings us to the necessity of updating the definition of Reagan’s evil empire. Sure, Russia and China have interests that are often at odds with those of America, but they hardly pose an existential threat to it when it acts united and in its own interests. The real threat, the real evil empire, is the global alliance of globalists from the carpets of Tehran to the halls of Foggy Bottom and of Brussels. This evil empire has already come much closer than all of its predecessors to defeating America and the battle is still raging.

In winning the latest round against Gaza, Israel has struck a small yet important blow for nationalism and for democracy. It demonstrated how an ethnocentric polity, even in the throws of a political crisis, can act in unity and with determination to defeat its enemies. As long as people are united by blood and by faith in the Almighty, when they worship the SAME God whether they observe all His commandments or not, they cannot be defeated. On the other hand, throwing your lot in with remote globalist interests like the Palestinians had done with Europe and with Iran or inviting into your midst a motley crew of people with whom you have nothing in common gets you only defeat and misery. This is what Israel is showing the world and judging by who its friends and enemies are shaping out to be, its message is being received loud and clear.

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spartacus November 25, 2019 at 2:31 am

in the “GOOD BOOK” … there in the old testament there is a one chapter book … known as ‘ obadiah ‘ … written in the short book is the past , present and future of islam ……. all of it , all factions and families … in ancient history and their tribal names … in this book “GOD” spell out the eventual demise and extermination of islam by “HIS” hand ……. what a glorious day that will be ……..


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