The Globalists’ War On Israel Is Intensifying. Will It Bring Incumbent PM Netanyahu Back To The Top?

The globalists’ heavy-handed tactics elected president Trump and led the UK out of the European Union. Will the Israeli people follow suit by rejecting their threats and reelecting a nationalist government in March?

Michelle Bachelet, a Chilean socialist, a dedicated globalist, an anti-Semite and the current High Commissioner for Human Right for the United Nations
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There can be no doubt that the globalist hordes have opened an all out offensive against the Jewish people and our homeland, the State of Israel. As we have reported here previously, just last Friday the special prosecutor for the so-called “International Criminal Court” (ICC) in the Hague, Ms. Fatou Bensouda, decided to ignore a detailed legal opinion by Israeli attorney general Mandelblit and determine that Israel had committed “war crimes” against the “Palestinian people” and that these “crimes” needed to be investigated. Mandelblit’s opinion set out the case that the ICC had no jurisdiction in the Arab-Israeli conflict, a case that Ms. Bensouda chose to ignore in its entirety in her decision to meddle in matters over which she has no jurisdiction.

As it turns out, the ICC action was only the first volley in what appears to be a well-coordinated assault by globalist institutions on the state of Israel. Today it was announced that Michelle Bachelet, a Chilean socialist, a dedicated globalist, an anti-Semite, and the current High Commissioner for Human Right for the United Nations has published a “black list” of Israeli businesses that should be shunned and boycotted in various ways because they are doing business in the Israeli territories of Judea, Samaria, and Greater Jerusalem.

Not surprisingly, the list includes substantially all large and medium-size Israeli companies, simply because they all provide services, sell products, and employ both Jews and Arabs across the entire country, including those territories that are mentioned in Ms. Bachelet’s reckless action. On the list are bakeries, major banks, and major industrial companies like the Israeli Aircraft Industries, among many others.

The UN’s action by its very nature amounts to nothing but an attempt to provide international legal cover to the rabidly anti-Semitic boycott, divest, sanction (BDS) movement, a movement that has recently suffered setbacks in the US and even in Western Europe where it became illegal in several jurisdictions. UN’s action revives that racist movement under the auspices of an institution that still carries weight in certain parts of the world, giving it a new lease on life.

Since the United States under the prudent leadership of its nationalist and pro-Israeli president Donald Trump has already declared that it would not in any way cooperate with the ICC’s action against Israel and will take action against any country that does, a similar announcement is likely forthcoming as to the latest UN action. It is likely that the US will sanction any countries or private entities that abide by the recommendations of the list and thus bring to naught is actual impact in the practical sphere, but the question remains: what is behind this all-out globalist assault on Israel and the Jewish people at this particular time?

Considering Israel’s political stalemate and the third in a row election that is coming up on March the 2nd, we need not look far for the answer to this question; the globalist elites are seeking to influence the Israeli election just as they sought to influence the American one in 2016, the British one just a week ago, and just as they are already trying to influence the upcoming American presidential election.

The globalist bag of tricks is always the same: boycotts, shunning, overt racism, exclusion based on perfectly legitimate religious and political views, in short, what today is called the “cancel culture”. When it comes to Israel, this moniker is particularly apt; globalists want to cancel Israel because it is a successful, technologically advanced, ethnically instituted state that has one of the highest happiness and not coincidentally birthrate metrics in the developed world. In fact, Israel is the beacon that illuminates the way home for all nations of the world that want to defeat the cancer that has been consuming them for many decades, that weapon of mass destruction unleashed on the world by the globalists: ethnic diversity. For its sin of never succumbing to this weapon, for choosing survival as a nation, and for thriving as a result, Israel must be cancelled according to the globalists.

While the globalists have been very successful in their war against human nature and the cause of liberty since the Second World War, they have lately been at least two major incidents in which they have overplayed their hand and paid a heavy price. One was the election of Donald Trump and the other the British vote to leave the European Union, one of the globalists main bastions of power. The massive Tory and hence “leavers” victory in the recent British election reaffirmed the globalist defeat in that symbolically important country.

But what about Israel? We suspect that come March 2nd Israelis will hand the globalists their third defeat in a row, driven in no small measure by the recklessly hostile actions of the ICC and the UN. It is an insufficiently recognized fact that anti-Semitism helped preserve the Jewish nation and played a decisive role in the birth of the Zionist movement and the state of Israel. The unrelenting and often murderous hostility with which Jews were nearly always met in their places of exile weeded the chaff from the wheat, causing the weak among us to leave the nation by conversion and/or intermarriage and left the strong and the committed ever more determined to never succumb to the pressure to assimilate.

Israelis are often at each others throats and never has this been more true than now, but when the time comes, when the sirens sound on the days we remember our fallen, we all stand as one and we remember why we have our nation and our independence. The globalists may think that Israelis will perceive their attacks as directed towards the right wing of the political spectrum in Israel and thus help the left wing to be elected. Nothing can be further from the truth. The actions by the ICC and the UN will, if they gain any traction, make the lives of every Israeli more difficult, but that is only a small part of it. These actions are an affront to Israeli sovereignty, to the very concept of Israel as an independent and free Jewish state, and thus they are an insult to every Israeli regardless of their political views.

This insult and the danger it brings with it will have many Israelis asking who will be the most effective in countering its effects both at home and most importantly on the world stage: Mr. Netanyahu who has three decades of experience as a UN representative and a Prime Minister or Mr. Gantz who has none? Mr. Netanyahu, who has a close personal relationship with many world leaders, not only with president Trump, but also with India’s Modi, Russia’s Putin, and Japan’s Abe, or Mr. Gantz who is unknown to any of them?

The truth is that the mask is off the globalist movement. It has shown itself at every time, in every venue, and in all of its institutions to be rabidly racist, bigoted, and prejudiced against the Jewish people; in short, anti-Semitic. It is not a stretch to say that the globalist elites more than any other entity today that holds real power are the true ideological descendants of Hitler and his National Socialists. They differ from them only in the tactics they have (so far) chosen to exterminate the Jewish people. They would rather see Jews assimilated than exterminated, or so they say. But their assault on the country in which half the world Jews reside, assaults that are designed to weaken it and leave it defenseless against those who would gladly do the globalists dirty work of mass slaughter tells a different story. If Israel, God forbid, ceased to exist as the exclusive ethnic homeland of the Jews, so will the Jews cease to exist as a nation and Hitler’s plan will be complete.

We must not let Hitler’s ideological descendants, Ms. Bensouda and Ms. Bachelet, carry out their evil plans and we must make sure that they will forever regret having embarked on them in the first place by dismantling the globalist institutions they work for and assigning them, once and for all, to the dustbin of history.

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