The Progressive Globalist Neo-Bolshevik Elites Have Obviously Chosen Iran As The Agent Of American Destruction. Here Is Why.

In the Middle East, everyone wanted Soleimani dead, but American liberals, neo-isolationists, and other enemies of America wanted him very much alive because he was doing a good job at making America abandon the region to the clutches of the Russians and the Chinese

Persian Empire at its greatest, just after the Jewish return to Judah, which is clearly visible as a Persian province. Modern Iran comprises of Media, Eilam, and Persia. Modern Iraq is Babylonia.
Copyright: Hossein Shahni [CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

Iran is a poor medium sized country. It has a population of about 80 million, an area close to that of Alaska, and a per capita GDP that is no more than 10% of any developed country from Israel to America, almost all from hydrocarbons. Iran claims to be the inheritor of the ancient Persian civilization, a civilization that last mattered 2,500 years ago, but that claim is false. It is false because in adopting the virulent, eschatological, fanatical, and violent Shia Islam a millennium after the fall of the great Persian Empire and by changing the script of the Persian language to Arabic, Persians have severed all ties with their ancient glory and, like all Muslim countries, entered a state of slow, but bottomless decline.

When the age of oil began a century ago, Iran got a new lease on life because of its vast oil reserves. Today, when due in large part to president Trump’s efforts to develop the American oil and gas sector, there is a worldwide oil glut, Iran’s influence is not so much due to its own oil, but its ability to threaten oil shipments from the Arabian peninsula via its control of the Hormuz straits. Even now, the world cannot sustain the loss of hydrocarbon input from both Iran and the entirety of the Arabian peninsula. This gives Iran a certain leverage.

Or so it would seem. Upon a deeper analysis, we discover that Iranian leverage is no leverage at all. It is a bluff, the bluff of a bully faced with weak and feckless opponents. The closure of the Hormuz straits (which Iran has not done) or even the threat to do so (which Iran does routinely) are illegal according to international law and as such could have been put a quick stop to by a unified and determined international community.

Except that the international community is neither unified nor determined. The West has all but succumbed to the lethal neo-Bolshevik virus, the only antibodies that remain being found in the American heartland, in parts of Eastern Europe and among a certain sector of the Israeli public. China is seeking to make the 21st century its own, not by fair competition with the current hegemon, America, but by using every underhanded trick in the book to bring America down. In Russia, Tsar Putin is desperately seeking to be the new Peter the Great, rebuilding the historic Russian Empire. There is no price that Putin will not pay to achieve this objective.

There is only one entity that stands in the way of Chinese and Russia ambitions: America. But even this is misleading. It is not America that stands in their way, but those Americans who care about her, who want her to continue her benevolent world dominance. Alas, these Americans are relatively few.

The Americans that despise president Trump wish nothing but harm to come to America, this we know without a doubt. There are many of them, at least half. But even inside the camp that supports the president there are many who wish that America withdraws from the world stage even if it means, as it clearly does, abandoning it to China and to Russia. Whether this significant part of president Trump’s supporters fully understands the dire economic and other consequences that will ensue from an isolationist America is beside the point. What matters is that decades of reckless and counterproductive military adventurism have left many Americans unwilling to do what it takes to take China on in the world stage.

We are left then with a rather surprising David and Goliath situation. The the real America, the America that supports president Trump, but does not wish to tie his hands and stop him from doing what it takes to keep America the undisputed world hegemon, is David. The role of Goliath is played by the unholy alliance of progressive globalist neo-Bolsheviks, Russian neo-imperialists, China supremacists, and American neo-isolationists in the mold of Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Matt Gaetz.

What is the difference between David and Goliath, really? Goliath has a massive armory or defensive and offensive weapons. He seems invincible, inevitable. David has nothing but pluck and good aim with a slingshot. Our Goliath here, does not have a massive armory. He has something else. Our Goliath has stealth, cunning, and patience. For decades now the neo-Bolshevik globalist Goliath has been working to penetrate and corrupt every level of American government from the military and the intelligence services to the court system.

Goliath planned a bloodless coup, a seamless and stealthy victory for which he did not need military might. The idea was not very complex; America would be destroyed, David would be killed, by infecting him with a slow-acting virus that would make him sluggish and uncompetitive and simultaneously infusing Goliath with David’s indomitable spirit.

What the neo-Bolsheviks have done is strap America to a bed, open its veins, and let its lifeblood flow directly into the veins of its worst enemies, all the while misdirecting its attention to the shiny objects of sexual idiocy and other liberal “mishigas”. The main beneficiary of this American blood infusion was, of course, China. But China is a long-term play. A country of 1.4 billion people does not turn on a dime. America’s internal enemies needed something more immediate, something that would drive America off the world stage quickly and leave it wide open to the Russians and the Chinese. Their chosen agent for this job was Iran.

The Iran deal, the propping up of the Assad regime, the pallets of cash to the mullahs, the betrayal of Israel in the UN and elsewhere, there was and still is only one goal that these actions by the Obama administration sought to accomplish: the termination of American military presence in the Middle East and the victorious takeover of that now abandoned yet critical battlefield by Russia and China.

No power can claim world hegemony without controlling the Middle East. This has been true for a century now and will likely be true for another one. If America is not present in that region in force, there will be no American hegemony and with it no dollar as the reserve currency, no leverage in trade agreements, no “perks” that come with being the big guy.

There is only one player that can drive America away from the Middle East and cause it to lose its superpower status: the American people, specifically the isolationist Trump supporters and those afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome. If Americans wish it, America, revitalized under president Trump, can remain the one and only global superpower for the foreseeable future.

But Americans may well be unwilling to pay the price and it is Iran’s job to make that price as high as possible; so high that Americans would just say “it ain’t worth it” and walk away without ever understanding the consequences of their actions.

This is why Iran is so important to America’s enemies both internal and external. This is why the American deep staters allowed Iran to penetrate the American government at every level. This is why while the Iranian people and most of the Middle East rejoice at Soleimani’s departure from this world, American liberals are in deep mourning.

Soleimani was the guy who made the price of America’s remaining in the Middle East high. He did this creatively, ingeniously, one could even say masterfully. He waged both very real and psychological warfare against American presence in the region for decades and he was very close to achieving his goal of full American withdrawal. He may yet achieve it, posthumously.

The hopes of America’s enemies depend on the murderous Iranian regime remaining in power. Should the Iranian people win the war and regain control of the country and with it of Shia Islam, America will be able to substantially withdraw from the region in victory rather than in defeat. It would be able to withdraw, leaving the region firmly in control of pro-American forces of the Sunna and the Shia Islam and of Israel.

This is why president Trump has been doing the hard work of revitalizing the American alliance with the Sunni states of the Gulf, with Egypt, and with Israel. These alliances isolate Iran and prepare the ground for when the extremist Shia regime falls and Iran rejoins the good guys of the world.

This is also why the safety and stability of the Iranian regime is an absolute priority of America’s enemies. This is why no Democrat, including no Democratic candidate for president has sided with the Iranian freedom fighters, the Iranian resistance, the brave Iranians who are risking it all to get their country back from the murderous mullahs. The Democrats are siding with the mullahs not because they harbor any illusions as to their nature, but because they hate America as much if not more than the Soliemanis and the Khameneis of this world and because their downfall would be a great victory for their greatest enemy: America.

If America’s internal enemies, the Democrats and the isolationists are defeated, its external enemies, be they Iran, China, Russia, or North Korea do not stand a chance. America is more than capable of taking them on jointly or separately and this is something they know well. So their one and only play, the one and only thing that can win the war against America for America’s worst enemies, is to sow division among American patriots and the best way to do that is by making it seem that the price of fighting is not worth it as long as the fight isn’t in Texas or New Mexico.

Isolationist votes by Republicans is what Solimani was after. It is what Khamenei is after. It is what Nancy Pelosi is after, and it is what Putin and Xi are after. They will keep pushing. Will American patriots remain united in their courage and determination to keep America great or will they decide to flee from the battlefield licking their wounds? As Trump likes to say, we shall see.

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Sigmund Silber January 22, 2020 at 9:21 pm

Yes the Communists in the US are pro-Iranian. I am or was friends with a number of survivors of the revolt against the Shah. One has probably died of old age by now.

The Persians are very mean and dangerous. They are very competent.

The Communist Party in the U.S. gave Iran the right to become a nuclear power but with a delay. It may be too late to prevent that. –

I doubt there are very many decent people in Iran. The World would be better off without Persia.


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