With The Three Pillars Of The Globalist Project Collapsing The World Is Up For Grabs

Like all ideologies that put the wisdom of the few over the instincts of the many, globalism is doomed for failure and that failure is now upon us

Following in Count Potemkin’s footsteps, only the facade of a Czech brewery had been renovated
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The globalist vision for the world, or as it is sometimes called, “the new world order”, is a system of global governance in which sovereignty is surrendered by the states to a network of supra-state institutions similar to the European Union government in Brussels. The defining characteristic of the world government is that it is a Chinese-style unelected quasi-meritocracy, or in American parlance “deep state”. It is a government whose authority supersedes any other authority, right, or freedom. It may delegate and indeed does delegate certain aspects of its power to local authorities, to big business, and from time to time even to single individuals, but these entities have no independent power or guaranteed rights. Everything they undertake is by permission from the globalist government.

This is far from fantasy or some sort of far-off dystopia. This is to a very large degree how many parts of the world, including the United States, are already governed today. In supposedly “democratic” countries like America, there is no facet of a private company’s activities that cannot be taxed or regulated into oblivion, with complete constitutional authority as defined in a series of Supreme Court decisions dating back more than a century.

Globalist meritocracy, in theory, is popular with most people in the world including in the US because most people cherish a full trough more than they cherish any “rights” or “freedoms”. The problem occured when the globalists, only just quite recently, started their long-planned transition from theory to practice, from the trial phase to a truly global takeover. What happened in practice was that the trough emptied out in the 2008 “great recession” and the personal security situation of most Westerners, especially Western Europeans, but also Americans, sharply deteriorated due to globalist-ordered mass migration and their disinterest in maintaining law and order.

Simply put, centrally planned economies have never worked and can never work. By definition. The collective wisdom of a distributed network of individuals numbering in the millions to hundreds of millions (10^6 to 10^8) making decisions in their own perceived self-interest even with radically imperfect information is always greater than the collective wisdom of a few thousands to tens of thousands (10^3 to 10^4) individuals who have attended the best universities, undergone the most severe selection process, and have at their fingertips the best available data. It is that two to five orders of magnitude difference in the sample size that counts. It is also something that no globalist, from Mike Bloomberg to George Soros, can fully grasp. What we are seeing today is the law of the sample size in play. This law is right now in real time and in front of our very eyes laying waste to the three pillars on which the globalist world order was supposed to rest.

The British people gave the EU every chance. Things would be better, they were promised. Things became worse. Not worse in some intangible way as in there were more brown faces on the streets, but in very real ways; British people, especially the working class ones, became less secure and less affluent than they were before. So they decided to leave.

Brexit killed the European Union, one of the globalist pillars. It killed it because the British people will now become more secure and more prosperous prompting other departures and because it kneecapped the EU’s ability to shove unpopular policies such as mass migration down the throats of its members states such as Poland and Hungary. As Brexit shows, they can always simply leave.

In the US, the election and imminent reelection of president Trump began eroding the deep state, the American pillar of the globalist world order. Mr. Trump had begun his presidency by extending an olive branch to the deep state. In return, drunk with power, they tried to remove him from office. He will not repeat that mistake. Since the deep state has made it abundantly clear that it wants nothing less than Mr. Trump’s political death, the president will now seek its complete destruction.

The third pillar of the globalist establishment is China. The Middle Kingdom’s long history of meritocratic centralized government and its exceedingly large and obedient population made it the perfect object of globalist attention. They lavished upon it every advantage. A pipeline of money, technology, and intellectual property from the West to China had been constructed and it is now in its fourth decade of operation. China was the globalists’ boldest bet and is now proving their biggest failure. The outbreak of the coronavirus demonstrates to the entire world, that China is nothing but a Potemkin Village on an unimaginable scale.

In late 18th century Russian Empire, the lover and right hand of Empress Catherine the Great Count Potemkin was tasked with arranging for her an inspection tour down the Dnieper River. Catherine was supposed to float downriver on a royal barge, observing upon the shores the lives of the country folk in the newly acquired (by the Russian Empire) territories that are now called Ukraine. As in reality the condition of the countryside and the people was contemptibly poor, Potemkin erected along the shores a Hollywood-like movie set, stretching for many miles, which included beautiful facades and richly dressed peasants, all for Catherine’s “benefit”. Now Catherine, a native German and a conniver of the first order who had her own husband, the Russian monarch Peter III, executed, was quite unlikely to have been fooled. She knew exactly what she was looking at. But it suited her purposes just fine to play along.

China erected Potemkin villages in Shanghai and in Beijing and in a few other places and it suited the Western globalist elites to play along just like Catherine had done. But as in Russia so elsewhere, reality asserts itself. The people of the world are now witnessing, courtesy of the coronavirus, the real China behind the shiny facades that were erected for the foreigners’ benefit. And they are horrified. If China is what you get after near half a century of investment that makes the Marshall plan look like a microloan to a lemonade stand, if this is what you get after many decades of governance by the “best and the brightest” from a population of over a billion, then clearly the centralized, meritocratic globalist vision is nothing but a nightmare.

The globalist world order is in full collapse. Nobody is buying the wares that it is peddling. Extreme secularism, acceptance and glorification of LGBTx, extreme feminism, “wokenes”, are all being rejected in favor of nationalism, traditionalism, and renewed religiosity. There is and yet will be a lot of screaming at the sky, but this reality is undeniable. And so are its consequences.

The collapse of the post Cold War globalist order is opening up for grabs entire swaths of extremely valuable real estate around the world. Small, medium-sized, and large players are beginning to compete for these assets as they are realizing that nobody is really minding their sandboxes anymore. The Middle East, with its oil and gas reserves and strategic location is first. There we are already witnessing new and surprising alliances emerge. Who would have thought that Greece, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf states would become allies against Iran, Turkey, Iraq, and the Assad forces in Syria? And yet, this is exactly what is happening.

As China continues to weaken, expect the Asia Pacific region to heat up with various players from Vietnam to the Philippines vying for strategic waterways and other assets. In Eastern Europe, countries like Poland are about to find out that once again nobody is going to come to their aid against either Germany or Russia.

We are witnessing the Great Return to Baseline. Whoever should win because they have more resources, more courage, more internal cohesion, better quality human capital, more stable governance, will win. Whoever doesn’t, will lose. Will America decide to intervene like it had done in the past? The likely answer is yes because just like in 1918 and again in 1944 America’s vital interests dictate intervention rather than isolation. But those who wish to rely on American help should recall the price that England had to pay for it and ponder whether they wish to place themselves in that situation or rely on their own resources.

The globalist nightmare is almost over. Some will come out of the ensuing free for all on top. Others will be erased from the pages of history. This is the way of the world. Dying is better than life as a slave, but better yet is living in freedom and prosperity. Americans are uniquely lucky in that they have the opportunity to choose to do just that.

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spartacus February 8, 2020 at 9:16 pm

mankind is useless with out it’s “CREATOR” running the show … we have done nothing to prove our worth to our “CREATOR” …how sad …

PAWatcher February 9, 2020 at 6:49 am

Sounds more like an awakening as opposed to woke.


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