Canadians Must Reaffirm That Being First Means Nothing When It Comes To Land Ownership Or Lose Their Country Forever

As First Nations protests against infrastructure development in Canada go unchecked and unchallenged they cast doubt on the validity of all land deeds and titles and raise the question: who really owns Canada?

First Nation people protesting a commercial development in Canada
Copyright: Unist’ot’en Camp [CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]

Zionism, the national revival movement of the Jewish people, emphatically does not claim that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews because we were there “first”. In fact, the document that records the Jewish ownership rights on that land, the book we know of as the Tanakh or the Old Testament, tells us that there were many nations in that land before us, nations collectively known as Canaanites. Jewish right to the land derives from armed conquest and from Divine promise. Substantially, the Almighty had made a covenant with us wherein we had agreed to take on his commandments and behave in a morally just way towards each other and towards others and in return He gave us the Divine right to conquer the Land of Israel.

The Israeli Declaration of Independence, the founding document of the modern state begins with the words: “In the Land of Israel arose the Jewish People”. These words mean that the land, no matter who had been there first, last, or in between, belongs to us and that we will never have to acknowledge anyone else’s title to it as in any way valid.

We the Jews have not always lived up to our side of the deal, which is why we often lost the land and had to reconquer it and rebuild it. Once in mid-first millennium BC after the Babylonian exile. Once again towards the end of that millennium at the peak of the Hellenization movement. And once again in the process that had begun in the 1880’s and is still going on today.

It is a fool’s errand to know who had “first” been living on a certain piece of land and much more importantly, being first, the Torah teaches us, gives one no rights of ownership. None at all.

The Europeans who came to North America, to the political entities we now know of as the United States and Canada, saw themselves very much like the Israelites, my ancestors: conquerors by Divine Right. This Christian right was modeled on the Jewish right because both came from the same place, the Old Testament. The “original”, “aboriginal”, “indigenous”, or “first” inhabitants of the continent had no rights of ownership because like the Canaanites, they were not righteous. They thus deserved to be conquered by a righteous people who knew the true God and followed His laws.

We know that this is how the Europeans, be they French, British, Spanish, or Portuguese justified their conquest because they told us so in their writings. As the French lyrics of the Canadian national anthem say: ” Car ton bras sait porter l’épée, Il sait porter la croix!” Because your (Canadian) arm knew how to wield the sword, it knew how to carry the cross! In other words the conquest, the sword, and the Divine Right, the Cross, literally go hand in hand, are wielded by the same arm.

In Canada today, we see a complete breakdown of property law, which is the absolute foundation upon which all law and the state itself are based. People who identify as “First Nations” or “indigenous” are taking over vital infrastructure such as railroad lines and stopping it from functioning. They are doing so in contradiction of many laws and with no permits. Yet, they are not being stopped by the Canadian government even though the results of their actions are ruinous to the Canadian economy and are creating critical shortages in energy resources and things like chlorine for water treatment in many places across Canada.

Why isn’t the Canadian government acting to remove the illegal pickets and prosecute those who created them? The reason is simple. Canadian government is both genetically and legally connected to the those Europeans who had righteously (or so they believed) conquered Canada from the “indigenous” people who were there before them. Up until now Canadians had believed that this act, the conquest, had been righteous, making them the legal and legitimate owners of Canada. Many years of indoctrination to the contrary had finally convinced them that it was not.

The majority of today’s Canadians believe that the conquest of Canada by Europeans was the opposite of righteous, it was criminal. In other words, the ownership of any land in Canada by anyone who is not “indigenous” is the result of an act of armed robbery of massive proportions. Since theft does not confer legal possession and stolen goods, even when sold and resold many times, are subject to confiscation and return to the rightful owner, no land title that exists in Canada today and that is held by a non-indigenous person or institution is legal. In the view of most Canadian including those now in power, it is the indigenous protestors who own the land upon which the railroad tracks are laid, not Canadian National or Via Rail. Since they are the rightful owners, it is up to them whether these tracks should continue to carry railroad traffic or be torn up and cast aside.

Canadians of European descent, in very real terms, have broken the covenant that they had forged with God. They reaffirm that break every time they recite, as they must by government decree, the “acknowledgment”, a mea culpa of sorts in which they declare that their title to the land upon they now find themselves is both illegal and conditional upon the approval of its rightful owners, the First Nations.

Needless to say, this is not a sustainable situation. The time is upon us when Canadians of European descent will have to decide whether their own homes from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland belong to them or not. If they decide that they do, they will have to reconquer their country. They will have to retake it from the mountebanks and the fraudsters who, like the incumbent PM Trudeau and his father before him, had stolen it from them for personal enrichment. They will have to cast aside the “acknowledgments” and the daily genuflections at the altar of the false idol of “indigenous rights”. They will have to rediscover the belief, held by their ancestors, that being first means nothing, gives no title, confers no right to preferred treatment.

Canadians of European descent will have to reaffirm that Canada belongs to them and only them because it had been their ancestors that had constructed it, that made it into what it is, and did so fully within their God-given rights. If this happens, Canada will survive and if it does not, it will fall apart. It will not be much longer before we know the answer.

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Ron at Home August 6, 2020 at 2:31 am

Genuine citizenship requires that a person have allegiance to one country. Claiming to be a citizen of two countries is an oxymoron. It isn’t possible. A Jew cannot be Canadian and Israeli at the same time, but, the Jews like to hedge their bets and “claim” the dichotomy is valid and real. They want a place to hide should their country of residence, Canada, realize the Jew’s allegiance is to Israel driven by their religious zeal. The devotion of Jews to Judaism is more binding to them than their Canadian citizenship. The Jews plant the seeds for antisemitism and then act surprised when it occurs.

The “Holy Land” doesn’t belong to the Jews. The Jews are interlopers or opportunists who arrived in Palestine by accident and stole the land from people who were there even before the Jew’s incarceration in Egypt. Their claim that it was a god’s will is an empty claim. They don’t have any paperwork signed by a god to substantiate their claim. Those “other people” were there before there was a Jew. Judaism is a religion, not an ethnicity. The Jews have no legitimate claim to any allodial title of the Holy Land. The occupants were there before the Jew’s forty years of wandering in the desert that preceded the Jews murdering and enslaving the occupants. The Jews stole the land from the Palestinians, who were still there after the Romans displaced the Jews into the Diaspora.

The displacement of the Jews in the Diaspora lasted for 2,000 years and suddenly some opportunist, Weismann, brokers a deal with Lord Balour of England to bring the United States into WWI to save the Brit’s ass from defeat by the Kaiser in exchange for the British creating the paradigm that the Jews homeland was Palestine.


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