What Can US learn from Israel’s Military Experience With Riots

What Fan US learn from Israel’s Military Experience With Riots
Image by Israel Defense Forces

The US is increasingly using the National Guard as protests spread across America. US President Donald Trump encouraged governors to “dominate” the violent protests that rocked US cities, and he has suggested using more military units.

Israel has effectively combined police and some military units over the years to confront protests and riots. While many would not point to Israel’s experience as a positive example to be followed, because they see it through the lens of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in terms of tactics and strategy there are lessons to be learned.Israel has rarely had to confront large scale violent rioting within its borders. With some exceptions – the Wadi Salib riots in 1959, the October 2000 riots in Arab-Israeli communities – Israel usually has to deal with isolated clashes from different communities ranging from bedouins, left-wing student activists, Ethiopian anti-racism protests in 2015, and clashes with ultra-Orthodox sects…

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