One State Solution: No Thanks Says Israel

One State Solution: No Thanks Says Israel
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The old line that a one-state solution where the Palestinians and Israelis could live in brotherhood, sisterhood and peace is a fraudulent attempt to liquidate the state of Israel.

Make no mistake about it. The Jewish people would be in a purely subservient, second-class citizen position if this ever happened. Fortunately, it will never happen because Israel will not allow it to be seriously considered.

There are those who, as we speak, are floating this abhorrent idea and are trying to soft pedal the ominous treatment of Jews who would be a minority in such a state.

Instead, they lay out an ideal of a state where multi-cultures and religions can work together. No thanks. Both Hamas and Hezbollah have clearly stated in their charters that Israel must be liquidated. Further, Iran has clearly taken the same position through the words of its Supreme Leader.

Does anyone really believe that the Jewish people would get a fair break in an environment where the Palestinians are the majority population and these bitter enemies are surrounding them?

Would the Jewish people be admitted to a parliament in a Palestinian-ruled single state in the same way that Palestinians are admitted to the Israeli Knesset? Would the Jewish people have the same human and civil rights as the Palestinian citizens of Israel have? We all know the answer, emphatically never.

Israel may now be in the process of annexing the West Bank. Why? Because the Palestinians have refused to accept any terms for a peace accord with Israel that could be enacted. Jerusalem is non-negotiable. Israel will never give back the Golan Heights which now flourishes with world-class wineries and a superb residential area. It was also used as an area from which Syrian soldiers shot at farmers in the lower valley when Syria had control. The Israeli Defense Force lost many soldiers in the fight to take this hostile area from Syria. No country would return an area that was used by its enemy as a staging area for hostile action against the country that defeated the enemy and controlled that region.

When Jordan controlled East Jerusalem, Jews could not visit the Western Wall, the holiest landmark for Jews. When Israel won the Six-Day War, Jews and all other religions could visit that site and all others in Israel. With Arab or Islamic or Palestinian control, there was no such freedom of movement. 

Palestinian, Arab, and Islamic states or territories are consistently authoritarian. No freedom-loving person or group should expect or condone the notion of a one-state solution.

In the end, there can be no peace unless the Palestinians fully and unequivocally respect the right of Israel to exist.

That prospect appears remote and even more remote is the notion of a one-state solution unless Israel were to decide to commit nation suicide.

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