Israel Should Rethink Its Relationship With Azerbaijan – Opinion

Israel Should Rethink Its Relationship With Azerbaijan - Opinion
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Azerbaijan’s burgeoning relationship with Israel has long been predicated on the false narrative that Azerbaijan is a “country of tolerance.” Azerbaijan has often paraded the existence of a small, but vibrant, Jewish community in the country as a testament to its commitment to diversity and tolerance.

However, Azerbaijan, a dictatorship based on petrodollars that has been ruled by the same family for over a half-century, is anything but that.

Azerbaijan, a close ally of Turkey and fellow denier of the Armenian Genocide, has actively sought the eradication of the region’s indigenous Armenian inhabitants and traces of their millennia-old civilization…

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Walkin O'Shea July 25, 2020 at 3:24 pm

The sending of Turkish backed mercenaries to Azerbaijan to fight Armenia, does not put Israel in a good position protecting their own. Turkey solves 4 of it’s problems: 1) They rid themselves of a Syrian population they want no part of. 2) They increase their middle eastern influence and military presence. 3) They put themselves in direct conflict with Armenia, a developing nation, a European country with Christian roots. 4) They tweak Russia’s nose under the auspices of having their NATO allies to fall back on. Turkey is not a good friend to anyone but China. Israel needs nothing to do with this conflict, they will find themselves on the wrong side.


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