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Should Joe Biden become President on January 20th, the relationship between Israel and the United States becomes problematic. A heavy cloud over that relationship is the influence the radical anti-Israel bigots in Congress will have with the Biden Administration.

How will the pro-Palestinian views of Omar, Talib, Ocasio-Cortez and Presley have on a President Biden? What impact will there be on the move toward peaceful relations between Israel and its Arab neighbors?

The strategy of the Trump Administration was to facilitate peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors as a means of placing the Palestinians in a position to have only one choice: Peace with Israel.

Now, those in Congress who oppose with bitterness the very existence of the State of Israel will offer hope and encouragement to those same Palestinians. The very reason that the Palestinians have refused to have a state side-by-side with Israel is that the Arab world supported them.

Will the presumed Biden Administration undermine the efforts toward complete peace in the region by its false hope to the Palestinians?

Further, will a Biden Administration revert back to the policies of pandering to the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Iran so that this brutal regime will retake its place as a horrifying perpetrator of terror throughout the region? The Obama-Biden Administration caved in to every demand of Iran. Biden has said he wants to rejoin the Iran deal and cemented that view by apparently choosing Antony Blinken as Secretary of State who helped facilitate the Iran deal during the Obama years. Will a Biden Administration do the same? This would be ominous for Israel.

The superb work in this field and many others by the Trump Administration may go for naught. These include the reduction of forces in the Middle East, the creation of American energy independence through opening up ANWR, Fracking, and other fossil fuel resources, the termination of our participation in the Paris Accords even though we have the lowest level of carbon emissions in that group of nations. We would spend $100 million by rejoining the Paris Accords.

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