Newly Published Data Shows That Jewish Israeli Males Earn Comparable Average Salaries To Those In America, While Females And Arab Citizens Are Still Somewhat Behind

Judging by income, Israel is catching up with the West, though significant gender and ethnic origin gaps remain

Israeli economy: a tale of catching up to the West, but gaps remain
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Israeli bureau of statistics has published new data regarding the annual income of Israeli citizens. According to the updated numbers, Israelis earn NIS 120,000 per annum, which is US$ 34,580 according to the current exchange rate. By comparison, an average American makes $48,150. To make this money, Israelis worked an average of 40.9 hours per week.

Israel has significant gaps between income by gender and sector, with men making an average of NIS150,000 ($43,217) and women and average of NIS96,000 ($27,658). That being said, women are fully represented in the Israeli workforce, comrising 48% of all workers.

The average income in the Jewish population is NIS 134,400 ($38,721) per annum and among the Arab population it is NIS 88,000 ($28,350) per annum. While the average income for Jewish men was not reported, we can project it at roughly NIS 182,400 ($52,544) per annum, meaning that Israeli citizens who are both male and Jewish enjoy an average annual income that is on par or slightly higher than that of Americans.

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