Lily Lewit Creates The “Corona Time”

Lily Lewit Creates The "Corona Time"

The inspiration was to create a new series of paintings of forests and the awakening of nature.
Lily has a unique style, and she paints oil on canvas with large paintings of nature, trees and forests.

Levitt was born in Jerusalem, the city where her childhood landscape was designed and inspired her paintings.

Lily Lewit Creates The "Corona Time"

Lily says that in recent times, especially in the shadow of the coronavirus, the passion for painting and expressing a color symphony in a variety of compositions has grown. The summer green, orange and yellow colors dominate her current palette.

“Inside all this closure,” during the measured walks in the mornings, 100 square meters, 500 square meters, was suddenly revealed to carry crazy blossoms on all sides. Everything was green and not yellow in the scorching sun.

Lily Lewit Creates The "Corona Time"

I thought about the little kids running in the fields when the sky closed, I sailed in one painting to places as far away as southern France with a wealth of unique trees, Birtches, exoticism in civilization … “
Immediately longing for what is not at hand ”….

Lily Lewit Creates The "Corona Time"

Suddenly, everything was quiet – nature erupted in full force and summoned birds and butterflies. They were the inspiration and muse for Lily, who this year opened her first solo exhibition at the Jerusalem Theater.

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