1st high: Ancient Israelites At Biblical Shrine Used Cannabis To Spark ‘Ecstasy’

1st high: Ancient Israelites At Biblical Shrine Used Cannabis To Spark ‘Ecstasy’
A photo of the two altars found at the entrance to a shrine at Tel Arad in southern Israel, at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. (Israel Museum/Laura Lachman)

Israeli researchers examining residue on an altar from a Biblical-era shrine in southern Israel have found it contained a mixture of cannabis and animal dung, likely intended to “stimulate ecstasy” in Israelite worshipers, and said it constitutes the earliest known use of marijuana in the region.

The discovery also suggests cannabis may have been used in rituals at the Temple in Jerusalem, the researchers intimated.

Clumps of organic material were found in hollows on two altars that stood at the entrance to the heart of a shrine at Tel Arad, a “fortress mound” from the Kingdom of Judah that was excavated by Israeli architects between 1962 and 1967…

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Mike H May 30, 2020 at 2:17 pm

This explains so much that logic couldn’t explain.

SandmanUSAFA May 30, 2020 at 4:12 pm

Is it not common knowledge by now that the holy anointing oil of the Old Testament was based on קנבוס (Kaneh Bosem = CBD) oil?
Of Course they were familiar with the ancient original version of the Cannabis/hemp plants.


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