Breaking! Hamas In A Dramatic Press Conference: We Have Uncovered Israeli Infiltration Of Gaza And Other Arab Countries Sources And Methods Included

This is the result of the failed intelligence gathering operation by Israel last December. Hamas: it will give us an edge in the next conflict.

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In a dramatic press conference called by the military wing of the ruling Hamas terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip, Hamas leaders disclosed details of their investigation of the failed Israeli intelligence gathering operation in Gaza late last year. According to the Hamas, two separate Israeli units were involved. The force rented a shack in Khan Yunes using forged documents. A memberof the Israeli unit had previously entered Gaza under the auspices of one of the many international aid organizations that are active in the territory. This method was then used by the entire unit. Hamas futher noted that their investigation led them to discover similar Israeli actions in other regions.

According to the Hamas, these findings are preliminary and more will follow soon. A decision has been taken by the Hamas and announced today to respond to the alleged Israeli action by military action against Israel. Hamas saluted the Gaza citizens that cooperated with their investigations and noted that it will give them an edge in the next round of warfare with Israel.

No immediate comment from Israeli sources was available at this time.

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