OBiden Wants New ‘Iran Deal’ – Israel Wants Iran’s Nuclear Capability Deterred

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Sources have informed Tsionizm that Israeli plans for destroying Iranian nuclear capability are well-developed. However, recent pilot strikes over judicial reform have thrown a wrench into the training plans.

Perhaps the leftist push against Prime Minister Netanyahu’s attempt to claw back power from the Supreme Court has something to do with preventing Israel launching strikes against the real Islamic State – the Iranian regime.

The Israeli Air Force is known to be a hot bed of ‘progressive’ ideology.

Iran and the United States are nearing a temporary deal that would swap some sanctions relief for reducing Iranian uranium enrichment activities, two sources with direct knowledge of the talks.

According to an Iranian official and a person close to negotiations, the talks have taken place directly on US soil, marking a notable development in the diplomatic process, reported Middle East Eye.

Reports are now being made public that the OBiden government is attempting to bride the Israeli government with promises everyone knows Iran will not keep in the long run.

The Biden administration is seeking Israel’s secret endorsement of a new nuclear deal between the United States and Iran. Biden is promising the Israelis to limit Iran’s uranium endorsement at 60 percent and forcing her to cease attacking Israel through its proxy terror groups in Lebanon and Gaza. Nonetheless, the Israelis are not convinced and therefore seeking another guarantor for the said deal, particularly the Chinese, Iran’s new mentors. Meanwhile, the attacking Iran’s nuclear program remains an option for the Israelis, reports JaFag Intelligence Solutions.

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