General McChrystal: My Worst Mistake Was To Let Revolutionary Guard Commander Qasem Soleimani Live

Gen. McChrystal and president Obama
Copyright: Pete Souza [Public domain]

In an article for the Foreign Policy magazine, Obama-era senior military commander Brigadier General Stanley McChrystal recounted how in 2007 he watched (most likely from a drone camera) a convoy of vehicles cross from Iran into Northern Iraq, knowing that the notorious (even then) Qasem Soleimani was in that convoy. While according to his own words, McChrystal was keenly aware that Soleimani had the blood of many Americans on his hands and should he be allowed to live, would become an even more dangerous and deadly foe, McChrystal, in his role as the Chief of the Special Forces Command, ordered to continue observing the convoy, but avoid destroying it. Soleimani’s tracks were subsequently lost and no further opportunity to eliminate this bloodthirsty and effective foe has ever since presented itself. McChrystal then spends much of the article describing, in somewhat admiring tones, how Soleimani, since he was “mistakenly” allowed to escape death, had become an even more deadly and ferocious foe to Israeli and American interests in the Middle East than McChrystal had originally expected.

In McChrystal’s recent book, he ventures to extol his own virtues, while using President Trump as a foil and an example of someone who is devoid of any upstanding character traits. And yet it was McChrystal himself who betrayed his duty as an American officer to avenge numerous brave Americans killed by Soleimani and prevent the deaths of those yet to be killed by him.

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