Netanyahu Meets With Pompeo Slated To Meet Trump Next Week

Prime Minister Netanyahu and Secretary Pompeo at their meeting earlier today
Source: Netanyahu’s official Twitter account

Next week will mark the annual meeting of the America Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC), a pro-Israel Washington lobbying group. This meeting is always a site of pilgrimage for senior Israeli politicians and this time will be no different. The conference will hear from both the incumbent prime minister Netanyahu and his challenger for the post Benjamin Gantz. However, only Netanyahu will merit the privilege of a White House meeting with President Trump followed by dinner.

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Today, Netanyahu hosted in Israel US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the two dignitaries came out with a statement in which Netanyahu called for the US to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, citing Iran’s continued efforts establish a military presence on the Syrian side of the volcanic plateau. Secretary Pompeo did not comment as to any American plans to officially change the status of the territory from “occupied by Israel” to “part of Israel”, but he was in full agreement with this host as to the menace that Iran poses to peace and prosperity in the region and the need to keep it from establishing a permanent presence in Syria.

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