BREAKING: Is President Trump About To Revolutionize The Middle East? Rumors Are Swirling About A Huge Breakthrough In Arab Israeli Relations During Netanyahu and Gantz Visits To Washington DC Early This Week

President Trump and PM Netanyahu. Are these two leaders about to make history?
Copyright: The White House from Washington, DC [Public domain]

Unconfirmed rumors are not uncommon in the volatile Middle East, but this time things seem to be on the move. Earlier today, Israeli minister of the interior, Aryeh Der’i signed a permit allowing Israeli citizens to travel to Saudi Arabia, something he would not have done if it had not been requested by the Saudis.

There is also an almost total media blackout from the White House as to the details for the itineraries of the two Israeli leaders, incumbent PM Netanyahu and opposition leader Gantz when they both arrive in DC tomorrow.

One possibility is that the dramatic development would take place later in the week and Mr. Gantz will be asked to stay in Washington to participate in it at the side of president Trump and Mr. Netanyahu. This would mean that Mr. Gantz would not be able to attend the hearings for stripping Mr. Netanyahu of his parliamentary immunity, hearings that are scheduled for Tuesday and which Mr. Gantz has promised to “lead”. Keeping this promise would require Mr. Gantz to leave America as soon as his Monday morning meeting with president Trump is finished.

Perhaps it was this dramatic development that Mr. Netanyahu was alluding to when he told reporters upon boarding his plane to Washington that “history will be made”, a saying that was originally understood to refer only to Mr. Trump’s unveiling of the “deal of the century”.

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Steve in Missouri January 27, 2020 at 10:40 pm

Many Presidents and Prime Ministers have tried to achieve some kind of semblance of peace in the Middle East, but what it usually amounts to is even more armaments.
It seems the only way to peace is through strength, or the ability to destroy those who violate the peace.


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