Israeli Defense Minister Gantz Threatens Hamas Will Suffer A “Very Harsh Blow” If Balloon And Rocket Attacks Continue

One of the many fires seen across Southern Israel as Hamas sends incendiary balloons and rockets across the Israeli-Gaza Strip Border
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In a briefing called by Israeli Defense Force (IDF) Chief Aviv Kohavi, the senior officers of the IDF Southern Command discussed the Israeli response to a night of at least a dozen rockets launched into Israel from the Gaza Strip.

Sitting for Shabbat dinner, Israeli citizens were sent scattering as missile warning systems unexpectedly flared up Friday evening. Among the dozen rockets launched, one missile was Intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system with no casualties reported.

Joined by video conference, Defense Minister Benny Gantz affirmed that Israel will retaliate consequently against the Hamas terror attacks. This sentiment comes as Israel sent three rounds of retaliatory airstrikes Friday night.

“The IDF is ready, it defends and will continue to defend the residents of the south and will attack any one who attacks us and deliver a very harsh blow,” Gantz said after a meeting with senior IDF officers reported The Times of Israel.

Last night’s rocket attacks have followed a general increase in violence from Hamas in recent weeks. As of late, the terror group has also sent out hundreds of incendiary and explosive balloons that have caused many wildfires and disturbances across Southern Israel.

CDMedia has extensively covered the Israeli-Gaza tensions since the 2014 Gaza War. Here is a video of our publisher L Todd Wood being rocketed during the conflict.

What it's like to be rocketed by Hamas…

Posted by L Todd Wood – Novelist, Correspondent, Pilot, Bond Trader on Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wood visited Sderot on the Gaza border again in 2017.

As Hamas indicates their attacks will not cease until Israel ends their blockade on the Gaza Strip, Gantz and the IDF have shown they are ready to bring the situation to a major escalation.

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