Israel’s Top Diplomat Heads To Moscow

Gabi Ashkenazi (Blue and White)
Image by Amirosan

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The Israeli government was forced to back away from the close relationship with the United States during the Obama administration, which showed open hostility towards The Jewish State. This scenario diminished during the first Trump administration; however, now ugly anti-Israel policy is once again in favor.

To this end, Israel recently sent its top diplomat to the Russian Federation to again find a friend. Also in question is the situation in Syria, where Israel is continuing to strike pro-Iranian targets. The budding alliance between Turkey and Russia is also of concern to Tel Aviv.

The Syrian dossier dominated the talks between Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his Israeli counterpart Gabi Ashkenazi, in Moscow, which coincided with this week’s visit to the capital by Hezbollah emissaries. Ahead of Ashkenazi’s trip, Israel decided to prove that it preserves the right to carry out air operations in Syrian skies by shelling the Arab republic’s southern provinces, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

Samir al-Taqi, a former adviser to the Syrian prime minister and visiting research fellow at the Washington-based Middle East Institute notes that previously Israel refrained from actively participating in Arab affairs, content with placing its bet on strategic defense. However, the new regional reality has changed its position, because Russia, Iran and Turkey have become its immediate “neighbors.”

“Many will argue that Israel was interested in chaos or the near total destruction of Syrian capabilities, but I will disagree,” he pointed out. “Israel cannot remain aloof from regional problems.” According to the expert, the Israelis managed to achieve success with Russia. “But I believe that from Israel’s viewpoint, this policy is squeezing the regime dry and this means that there won’t be a long-term stake on this,” he noted.

The Mideast expert doubts that Israel could sign a peace deal with the Syrian government now. “The role of Iran in the war and the world is a priority for the Syrian regime. When Hafez al-Assad and then Bashar [Assad] went too far in their peace attempts with Israel, Iran managed to sabotage the talks through its domestic avenue of influence,” he explained, added TASS.

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