Is Israel Finally Waking Up? No More VAX After 4th Shot? Mass Infection Now The Plan? Pfivermectin To The Rescue!

Second person is Leo Alexander, who is explaining medical experiments. Damage was caused by defendants Herta Oberheuser and Fritz Ernst Fischer, on 22 November 1942, Nuremberg

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The Jewish State may have had enough of experimentation on its citizens with gene therapy serums that produce horrific side effects, not to mention possible long-term autoimmune disorders. It seems a natural progression for a people where the memory of human experimentation by the Nazi regime lingers.

Or, Pfizer may have a new pill to sell to the Israelis, after the vaccine mandates become obviously no longer viable.

Israel recorded almost 3,000 new coronavirus cases for the second day in a row, according to data released Wednesday, as the infection rate continued to climb and senior Health Ministry officials were reportedly weighing a switch to a policy of reaching herd immunity through mass infection, reported The Times Of Israel.

For the first time, most Omicron infections were recorded in the community, not in people who recently returned from abroad or those they came in contact with, indicating the true figures are likely much higher than the official ones.

In light of the lack of immediate rise in serious illness, Channel 12 news reported Tuesday evening that senior officials in the Health Ministry have recently raised the option of switching to a “mass infection model.”

Tsionizm has been vocal early on about the insanity of the serial vaccination approach and the obvious evil behind it. We have also highlighted the deception perpetrated on the Israeli people by the government by refusing to tell the truth about side effects.

Either the government realizes the ‘vaccine mandate’, ‘get your software update shot’ plan is not longer acceptable, or they are coordinating with Pfizer for a new pill to make those in power even more rich, one based on the same technology as the cheap, effective and readily available Ivermectin.

To that end…

The first shipment of Pfizer’s promising antiviral COVID pill landed in Israel on Thursday afternoon, added The Times of Israel.

Israel is one of the first countries in the world to receive the drug, known as Paxlovid, which lab tests have shown to be very effective against the Omicron variant.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett called the pills’ arrival “an important addition to our toolbox in fighting the pandemic” that “will help us get through the coming apex of the Omicron wave.”

Pfivermectin to the rescue!

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CaptRebel January 1, 2022 at 2:19 pm

Love Israel and I always have, but their response to covid was just unbelievably stupid.


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