Fifth Day Of ‘Hostages For Prisoners’ Swap Between Hamas and Israel

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A new group of hostages held in Gaza, and Palestinians detained in Israeli jails, were released on Tuesday during the fifth day of the swap after Israel and Hamas agreed to a two-day extension of their initial deal. 

As of now, there will be one more day of the exchange on Wednesday.

The hurdle Hamas is facing is that the hostages are being held across different places in the Gaza, Strip by factions and armed groups other than Hamas.

Hamas released 12 hostages on Tuesday. Ten of those hostages were Israelis. The group consisted of women and an 17-year-old girl.

These exchanges are bittersweet as some of the women released so far have left behind their husbands and brothers.

There were no Americans released during this fifth exchange. 

The Biden Administration has decided to send three planes of military aid to Gaza. 

Approximately 800 trucks of aid have been allowed inside Gaza since the truce began last Friday. 

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The World Health Organization is now predicting that more people are expected to die inside Gaza because of lack of clean water, food, baby formula, fuel and cooking gas. The health care system inside the Gaza Strip has virtually collapsed. 

What is becoming crystal clear over the last five days as more hostages have been release, there are not uniform captivites’ stories. 

Some were housed underground. Others were kept in homes above ground and moved from one location to another location. 

Food was minimal. Peta bread, rice and cucumbers seem to be the staples. Some were given food only sporadically. Women and children dropped dramatic weight. Hence, causing a lack of nutrition among the released hostages after medical examinations.

Hamas forced one little boy to watch videos of the Oct. 7 attacks and when children would cry, the terrorist threatened the children with weapons. 

Ten more hostages are expected to be released on Wednesday. 

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