On This Holocaust Remembrance Day It Is Important To Remember That Ultimately Israel Exists To Protect Jews Within Its Borders And Nowhere Else

Israel can protect diaspora Jews against surging anti-Semitism only by providing them with a safe haven on its own shores

Heinrich Himmler, head of the Waffen SS, anti-Semitic murderer, and model for his Muslim followers
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Today is Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel. At 11 AM Israel time, sirens blasted throughout the country and people stopped whatever they were doing, including driving, got out of their vehicles or from behind their desks and stood at attention. Holocaust is a mandatory subject of study in the Israeli school system for both Jews and Arabs and the country is permeated by its presence. It is both the background and the reference point for everything Israel does. The historical fact that one of the world’s greatest powers got it into its head to exterminate the Jewish nation and managed to get one third of the way there before it was finally defeated while the rest of the world did absolutely nothing to help, is not something Israel can ignore; it is ever present in its decision making process.

We live in historically unprecedented times. Never before, not even in antiquity, had a large Jewish diaspora coexisted with a powerful and independent Israel. In the couple of centuries in late antiquity when post-exilic Judea coexisted with a large Jewish diaspora in Egypt and elsewhere in the Mediterranean basin, Judea was weak, a client state of the Seleucids and later the Romans. Today, Israel is one of the most technologically, economically, and militarily advanced countries in the world. According to foreign sources, it has a large nuclear arsenal deliverable via a full nuclear triad: air-refuelable bombers, ballistic missiles, and nuclear-armed submarines.

Israeli military might begs the questions: can Israel stop the next Holocaust and if it can, will it do so? The ostensible answer to both questions seems to be a resounding yes. Israel sees itself as both fully connected to diaspora Jews and responsible for their fate. If a state actor, such as Nazi Germany back in the 1930’s and 1940s, decides to engage in an organized campaign of violence against Jews, Israel will undoubtedly use its political and if needed military clout to stop it from happening. Israeli Law of Return, which grants every Jew automatic Israeli citizenship will make sure that any Jew who feels threatened will find a home in Israel. Assistance will be given to bring endangered Jews home from the diaspora. This has in fact already happened. When, after the creation of the modern Israel in 1948, Jews in Arab and Muslim countries experienced rising hostility from their governments, Israel acted to bring them home, likely preventing their genocide.

But what about a different kind of Holocaust, a creeping Holocaust perpetrated not by governments, but by citizens and non-government organizations (NGOs)? Let’s try to be specific: today, there are significant Jewish populations only in North America and parts of Western Europe, mostly France. In both of these places, there is a rapidly developing alliance, a true “axis of evil” between “progressive” liberalism and Islamo-fascism. This alliance is in every meaningful way a true heir to the German Nazi movement of the 1930’s. It is statist, totalitarian, violent, and rabidly anti-Semitic. In the US and in Britain, this alliance has already effected an internal takeover of the main opposition parties, the Democratic Party in the US and Labor in Britain. Thus, it is only one election cycle away from taking real power.

According to every statistic, anti-Semitism, both “soft” as in the one that uses language and “hard”, as in the one that uses violence is at the highest point it had been at any time since the Holocaust. This fact is front-page news in Israel and was front and center in every speech given by every Israeli politician on the eve of Yom HaShoah. Israel is concerned and it is gearing up to help, but there may be very little it can do against this new, diversified, dispersed, old-fashioned anti-Semitism. Old-fashioned? Precisely so. Prior to the institutionalized Nazi anti-Semitism in Germany and other places, Jews were slaughtered by non-government actors such as vigilante groups in the mold of Antifa, mobs whipped to violence from the pulpits of churches, and simply bands of drunk Gentiles who went on killing rampages straight from their village taverns.

This is the threat that world Jewry is facing now. It comes from the twin bastions of the progressive-Islamic alliance: the academia and the mosques. In those places, both enjoying many benefits, special status, and tax exemptions due to their supposed non-political nature, the new Holocaust is being hatched. Universities are busy providing the “intellectual” justification and foundation for Jewish genocide, while Muslims are being readied to carry it out. In the West today, universities are Goebbels (Nazi chief propagandist) and Imams are Himmler (the head of the Waffen SS).

Two columns do not a stable foundation make. Two evil winds coming together are not yet a perfect storm. So there is a third. This third wind is the Jew hatred from white nationalists, people who were so marginalized by their own leadership, that they are now lashing out against it. With some justification when it comes to America, they perceive the leadership that betrayed them as being “run by Jews” and so that is where their rage is directed. No, there is no Jewish cabal in America. There are no “Elders of Zion”, no Rothschilds. What there is, however, is a massive over-representation of Jews in government and in the media as compared to their part of the population and there is the fact that the preponderance of these influential Jews, whether on the Republican or the Democratic sides, have created and led policies that are hostile to the American white working class. These policies range from rampant legal and illegal immigration, to the outsourcing of manufacturing, to fighting endless foreign wars using a military in which Jews themselves do not serve.

Whether American Jews have intended to harm the American white working class is irrelevant; likely, they have not. Likely, they acted in ways that they thought were good for America and the world. But the fact remains: their actions, while in many cases enriching themselves as charter members of the American protected elites were deleterious to the interests of their white lower and middle-class compatriots. This does not justify white nationalism anti-Semitism any more than the fact that Israel has often acted against the interests of Arab and Muslim countries justifies Arab and Muslim anti-Semitism. Neither does it rationalize it. It simply states a fact: Jews in America and to a lesser degree in Western Europe are perceived as the leading edge of the globalist elites that are so hated, and with good reason, by the white lower and middle classes.

As an independent country, Israel is enjoined from interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. Israel cannot dictate to America or to Americans. It cannot remove the anti-Semitic Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from the House of Representatives. It cannot change the internal procedures of the FBI to allow it to conduct surveillance in mosques and place informants in universities and Antifa cells. Israel cannot defend diaspora Jewry. Difficult as it may be to hear and accept, that is the simple truth: Israel is utterly incapable of battling the old-new anti-Semitism around the world and the discrimination and violence that it is visiting and will yet visit on diaspora Jews. And there is more. Zionism, the Israeli founding ethos, never envisioned the creation of the state of Israel, a powerful and independent Jewish state, as a bulwark against anti-Jewish violence in the diaspora. Israel came to be first and foremost as a safe haven for Jews on its own shores, within its own borders. Israel’s stance towards diaspora Jews is not and cannot be one of ensuring their safety in Boston and in Lyon, but rather only in Haifa and Ramat-Gan.

Israel’s longstanding advice, in fact plea to diaspora Jews is simple: come home, live with us, help us build an even more prosperous and powerful homeland. This is the only way to live as a Jew safely, freely, and proudly. It is the only way to stop the next Holocaust.

The pressures that are brought to bear on diaspora Jews by the surging anti-Semitism in the West are already making themselves felt. Diaspora Jews are splitting between those who are ignoring history and are trying to save themselves by running away from their own identity and by denouncing their historical homeland, and those who are beginning, ever so slowly, to prepare for the day when they will have to “make aliyah”, to ascend to that higher plane of Jewish life that is life in Israel.

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SteveStevensen May 8, 2019 at 9:38 am

God Bless Israel forever.

Israel is less than 1/10th of 1% of the middle east land mass…yet it causes Moslem heads to explode everywhere.


And regarding the “palestinian” question…the PLO tried to overthrow the governments of Jordan and Lebanon, and were roundly kicked out and banned…not offered “land for peace”.

So why should Israel have to treat “palestinians” any differently than Jordan and Lebanon has?

Israel won the Golan, Jerusalem, Gaza, the West Bank and the Sinai in 1967, and gave back all of it save the Golan and East Jerusalem. Now, as “palestinian” terrorists from the West Bank attack Jews, Israel bulldozes their homes and builds a new Jewish home in it’s stead. Over time, there will only be peaceful Moslems left in the West Bank.

I always find it interesting that Israel has 13 Mosques and many Moslems in the Knesset…PLUS, Israel lets Israeli Moslems vote, including Moslem women…something that is rare in Moslem countries.

Israel forever.

Staff May 8, 2019 at 1:59 pm

Thank you for your comments. Israel has hundreds of mosques and nearly one and a half Muslim citizens.

Black Sheep April 2, 2020 at 11:35 pm

“while the rest of the world did absolutely nothing to help”. This is not true. It is for the British, but not for Americans, who were the ones liberating the Jews from the camps when they finally fought their way in to reach them, and then aided the survivors. I don’t recall any stories of the Brits doing that.
If not for the USA, Germany might have completed their extermination of the Jews. Give some credit where it’s due. You live on as a nation because of America.


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