As Rockets Rain Down On Israel From Gaza, IDF Begins Massive Strike, Eurovision In Doubt

As Rockets Rain Down On Israel From Gaza, IDF Begins Massive Strike, Eurovision In Doubt
Iron Dome Battery Deployed Near Ashkelon
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Israel Defense Forces

After weeks of rockets raining down on Israeli towns that border the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) began massive strikes against Hamas positions in the territory. The Israeli areas struck were in Kerem Shalom and Eshkol region.

Reports are over 150 rockets were fired into Israeli civilian territories, injuring one older woman seriously. During the 2014 Gaza War, towns such as Sderot averaged 2,500 rockets per year.

“The resistance is always ready to respond to the crimes of the occupation,” the Hamas Spokesperosn in Gaza said, while the Islamic Jihad claimed that “We are committed to protecting our people and to deter Israel at all costs and under all circumstances,” reported the Jerusalem Post.

Islamic Jihad Deputy Khalil al-Hayya added that “There is no escape but that the occupation will be committed to understandings and to break the siege. The resistance has tools capable of forcing Israel to maintain the understandings reached,” added the Post.

Israel is in a particularly vulnerable position as there is only a caretaker government and the population is celebrating Independence Day.

Most importantly, the Eurovision competition, scheduled to be held in Tel Aviv on May 14 may have to be cancelled, which would have far-reaching consequences.

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Occupation? Yes, the muzzies are occupying Israeli land, but, when Jesus returns, He’ll remove the moslems from the promised land.


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