The Bolshevik Takeover Of America Part I – Agitprop

American neo-Bolsheviks have updated their predecessors’ playbook when it comes to weaponizing propaganda, but they both drink from the same poisoned well

The Bolshevik
Copyright: Boris Kustodiev [Public domain]

Editor’s note: here in the pages of Creative Destruction Media and its affiliated publications we have been pioneers in calling the events that have been unfolding ever since Donald Trump declared for president in June of 2015 for what they were: a neo-Bolshevik takeover of America. Since then and in particular since President Trump’s unlikely and unanticipated election, the takeover attempt has not only avoided defeat, it had gained steam. The Bolshevik forces are ever more brazen as they know that a second Trump term will inevitably open the American public’s eyes to their schemes once and for all and drag them out into the sunlight where they cannot possibly survive. The murder of convicted pedophile and Bolshevik apparatchik Jeffrey Epstein earlier today is a watershed moment for the American Bolsheviks; knowing full-well that nobody in America will buy their cover of a suicide for what is clearly a murder and a brazen one at that, they nevertheless committed this crime right in the middle of Manhattan, in a federal holding facility, in what must be the most video surveiled volume of air in the world.

This in your face approach, this brazenness, this lack of bothering with camouflage and concealment, all point to a combination of desperation, the lack of a plan for honorable and safe retreat, and at the same time an arrogance and a strong belief in the inevitability of their victory and that right soon. Speaker of the House of Representatives and one of the Bolshevik leaders in America, Nancy Pelosi has openly declared that Trump’s reelection was “unacceptable”. Her words were, of course, chalked to political hyperbole, but she had meant them quite literally.The Bolsheviks cannot accept Trump’s reelection to second term in office because it would spell their demise.

Bolshevism can be resisted both prior and after its takeover of America should that takeover take place, God forbid, but in order to resist it we must identify its strategies and make ourselves impervious to them. This process can be short and relatively painless, or, like in the case of the USSR, it can be multi-generational and exceedingly painful. It can leave few scars, or it can leave many that last many generations. Let us try to make sure that we defeat the Bolsheviks’ plans for America as quickly and painlessly as possible, or at least give it a good old try.

In the next days, we will publish three articles that will highlight the Bolsheviks strategies and methods as they pertain to communications, the destruction of the American cornerstone institutions of family and church, and finally the creeping takeover of elected government through the erection of a massive bureaucratic and regulatory network knows as the Deep State. Each article will offer practical, pragmatic advice on how each and every one of us can defeat these Bolshevik strategies without breaking the law, ruining our careers, or even getting doxxed. Part I of the trilogy follows.

Motherhood and apple pie. That was what America was all about. Nothing could be more American than that. In 1997, when I came to Boston and joined the American workforce, I remember this expression being used as an example of something that was completely uncontroversial and uniformly accepted: a true symbol of goodness and wholesomeness and above all of national consensus.

Who would have believed back then not that long ago that only two decades later motherhood and apple pie would be reviled in America? That they would be tagged as tools of oppression, as racist, as utterly unacceptable. That a house in which there is a mother and in which apple pies are baked, rather than being heaven would become hell. And yet here we are. It is not going to happen, it has already happened. The questions are why it happened, how it happened, and want we can do about it.

As to why, this question will be the topic of the next installment in this trilogy. This part will focus on the how. Understanding how something that was as unifying a principle to all Americans as motherhood and the family hearth can be made into an obnoxious object of ridicule requires understanding the principle of propaganda. We have no desire, nor is this the space for it, to lay out these principles in long form. Instead, let us use an example. In recent commercials for ladies’ razors of the Venus brand made by Gillette (a part of the Procter and Gamble conglomerate), we are shown a variety of women with less than perfect skin: scars, wrinkles, birthmarks. We are told that any skin is beautiful, that all skin types are acceptable and accepted, except of course for one thing that as it happens is the most natural part of it: hair. Hair, is unacceptable and must be removed, preferably using the Venus razor.

This is an ingenuous piece of propaganda; one that really demonstrates the power of that medium to control our thoughts and as a result our actions. We are shown a series of images we NATURALLY FIND REPULSIVE. This is the crucial part. Evolution has programmed us to find flabby skin unattractive, because a woman possessed of it may be past child bearing age. A woman covered head to toe in birthmarks is naturally repulsive because we would not want to propagate this trait through our gene pool not because it is unattractive, but because birthmarks can evolve into terminal cancer, which is precisely why we find it unattractive. Attraction is nature’s way of showing us the way to maximize our chances of propagating our species.

The propagandists know all this, but they also know something else. They know that we are compassionate. That we understand that life sometimes, often, always, leaves us flabby and scarred and that the girl with the birthmarks is likely a wonderful human being who deserves to live a normal happy life. The propagandists then use, in fact, abuse our innate compassion to make us take action that they find desirable. They do it by congratulating us for having compassionate feelings and by, at the same time, giving us (in this case young women who have yet to develop flabby skins or scars and who are overwhelmingly unlikely to suffer from a proliferation of birthmarks) a way to feel thankful for being perfect and to feel good about ourselves at the same time. Connecting the guilty feelings of superiority over the models in the ad to the self-congratulatory feelings of compassion to the product they are peddling, Venus creates in the mind of the viewer the urge to buy their product in order to get the reward of virtue signaling, of feeling at once superior and free of guilt for feeling that way.

One of the more horrendous legacies of Bolsheviks worldwide is the butchery of their own language. The Russian Bolsheviks were pioneers in that regard, forever destroying the Russian language, a priceless millennial heirloom of their people. In the Russian language, this butchery took the form of the creation of a brutal bureaucratic language, a language made up of word conglomerates like kompromat and agitprop. Agitprop is the cobbling together of agitatzionnaya propaganda, a phrase that does not have a direct English translation. A translation of my own coinage is weaponized propaganda, i.e. propaganda that is designed to cause its target audience to become AGITATED, to enter a state of unease, to become frightened, and above all to become open to absorbing more and more outrageous propaganda.

The best example of this in America is the weaponized propaganda that the American Bolsheviks have unleashed in support of sexual perversion as part of their war on motherhood and the American family. All humans are programmed to feel revulsion towards homosexuality and specifically mail homosexuality. The reason for that revulsion is clear. Sexual activity, from first finding a mate to finally engaging in sexual intercourse is exceedingly time and resource consuming. It also leaves us vulnerable both emotionally and quite literally physically. The only outcome that makes such a waste of resources and obliviousness to danger worthwhile is the only outcome that counts in the end as far as nature is concerned: the propagation of our species.

Since homosexual sex does not serve this purpose, we are all programmed to revile it and all human societies have had strong taboos in place against it. In several societies, homosexual activity was tolerated as the privilege of highly male militarized elites be they in Sparta or Japan or Eaton, but it had never been accepted as the norm for the bulk of the population.

Just like there is a small percentage of humans who have way too many birthmarks, there is a certain percentage of human males who have a sexual dysfunction known as homosexuality. Just like with the birthmark-covered girl, they engender in us the twin feelings of revulsion and compassion. The fact that other males CHOOSE to engage in homosexual activity as a type of debauchery, made us traditionally more likely to revile rather than pity even those who cannot help themselves and for this many of us have developed feelings of guilt and the desire to redress historical wrongs that were done to these unfortunate members of our species.

Just like in the Venus razor commercial propaganda, our homegrown Bolsheviks took our noble feelings towards homosexuals and perverted them to serve their own purpose; in other words, they used these feelings to AGITATE us. The constant barrage of pro-homosexual propaganda over the span of a quarter of a century undermined our natural resistance to this dysfunction, made us ashamed of feeling the very natural revulsion we all feel in the face of it. It created in us a state of confusion, an uncertainty, and above all of fear. We became afraid that any indication of our innermost feelings, feelings that are as unavoidable as sexual desire itself, towards homosexuality would lose us our jobs, make us pariahs in society, and worse.

Once this state of fear and agitation was accomplished, our Bolsheviks proceeded to get us to accept more and more outrageous ideas, ideas that fly in the face of our personal experience and well-established scientific facts alike. It started with the acceptance of homosexuality not only as an unfortunate, but unavoidable and even acceptable fact of life, but as something that is to be celebrated as if it were the highest achievement of humanity, but that was only the beginning. Next came the claim, a claim that we must all accept or else that something that is hard-coded into our very chromosomes, our sex, can be changed at will, and finally (though who knows what may yet come next) the idea that we, alone in all mammalia can have more than two sexes.

Apart from serving the purpose of destroying the two of the three foundations of any free society, family and church, the sexual perversion agitprop serves another purpose. That purpose is one of a catalyst. Just like chemical reactions that in addition to the reactants and the products may contain a chemical agent whose only purpose is to speed up the reaction, the sexual agitprop with its ludicrous claims accelerates our openness to accept as gospel truth ever more outrageous claims du jour from Mitch McConnell being a Russian agent to Brett Kavanaugh being a serial rapist.

The principle is a simple one: people who were trained to believe the words of their masters over the evidence of their own eyes, over the beliefs of their own ancestors, over their innermost feelings of right and wrong are easy fodder for manipulation and control. The more difficult question is how do we resist falling prey to agitprop. How do we negate the efforts of highly trained professionals in the area of psychological manipulation who also happen to have under their control our entire media apparatus and very nearly all the levers of the modern totalitarian state? Can it even be done?

The answer is unequivocal: it can be done and it must be done. Here is how. First and foremost, in all instances measure what you are hearing or reading against your inner compass. Does it SOUND true? Can it possibly be true? Crucially: would your grandfather and grandmother have believed it to be true? If the answer is no, it is a lie. Flag it as such and ignore it. Your natural stance to everything your read, hear, or watch should be one not only of suspicion, but of outright disbelief. View every bit of information as false until it is positively proven true by sources that you trust through experience and by your own inner compass. Inculcate in your children from the earliest age the idea that everything they hear from their teachers, caretakers, guardians, counselors, etc. is a lie. Unless the subject is math, physics, or basic science like chemistry or biology, teach them to learn how to regurgitate it for grades without ever believing a word of it. If your work sends you to various “training sessions” and “seminars” that do not directly bear on your duties, sit there with an attentive face and ignore everything you hear. Reduce social media usage to a minimum. Reconnect with scripture, but read it for yourself; you are more than capable of understanding it; do not let anyone tell you what it means.

Finally, do not let them tell you what you must think. You are in no way obligated to accept any point of view as fact, least of all when it feels wrong to do so. Learn how to pretend to believe in something so that you can survive, but do not internalize those beliefs. Rather, cling for dear life to what YOU know is right and whenever it is possible and safe find ways of sharing your beliefs with like-minded people; you will find that there are more of us than you would think.

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Trotsky's Icepick August 11, 2019 at 12:40 pm

Suhuman Bolshevik RATS will get what they deserve. Utopia won’t be happening and the state doesn’t care about anyone or anything other than its own power and expansion.

DeeAnn Simpson August 11, 2019 at 3:35 pm

The ability to reason. The ability to understand and implement pure logic. These have been shattered by the public school system. Recognition of truth is dependent on these skills being mindfully employed at all times.

I know. I teach the newly graduated who wish to advance into engineering or technical support to engineers. One single class is a major indication of my first statement. I teach a class called “print reading.” In it, the student learns to read all sorts of prints, from engineering schematics and diagrams to parts fabrication and assembly.

I have had students tell me at the end of the class that I taught them how to think. How to evaluate and analyze in order to teach their own understanding of informational images. Which is what they have to be able to do to excel in their careers.

I pity every student who never encounters such a course. I call what I teach in this class “pattern recognition,” which is the major indicator of IQ. That 20 year old students struggle to learn in this class is hard to fathom, except by understanding how the high school diploma has become a ‘participation award.’

ragnarok August 11, 2019 at 5:01 pm

The problem is you are preaching to the choir. NoNE of the people who have been successfully indoctrinated will ever read thisle, and if they do by mistake, they will instantly condemn it as being “homophobic.” The same indoctrination makes Islam untouchable (islamophobic) and a multitude of other things as well.

Staff August 11, 2019 at 5:23 pm

In my experience from the USSR, it is more difficult to indoctrinate people than it seems. People eventually wake up and they have a great thirst for truth when they do.

Rostislav August 12, 2019 at 6:05 am

Yes, indeed: it is more difficult to indoctrinate people than it seems. Yet my USSR experience also says: it is absolutely impossible to indoctrinate people who enjoy their species’ ability to think independently.


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