The Righteous Psychology Of Meaningful Sacrifice And Its Perversion By Our Neo-Bolshevik Globalist Elites

Globalists and high priests of the cult of Climate Change are masters of the dark art of sacrifice psychology and its manipulation

A newborn baby is offered to Molech as a human sacrifice. Today, they are just sold for spare parts.
Copyright: Charles Foster [Public domain]

God stayed Abraham’s hand and stopped him from killing Isaac, but he did not eschew all sacrifice. The Torah goes to great lengths to show us that sacrifice, if it is meant to please the Lord, must not be evil as human sacrifice surely is, but it must be meaningful. Every farmer knows how difficult it is to raise that perfect calf or ram, nursing it from babyhood, guarding it from predators and disease, often keeping it indoors in the family home. Every farmer knows the pain of losing a lamb or a calf to disease or predation. Offering this perfect animal to be sacrificed to God is as meaningful as a sacrifice can get without crossing the line into that ultimate and ultimately evil sacrifice: the slaughter of a human being and especially a newborn child.

After the fall of the Second Temple gave birth of the nonidentical twins of Christianity and Rabbinical Judaism, animal sacrifice ceased in the Judeo-Christian world, but it was supplanted by a no less meaningful one. To be in the Lord’s good graces, to partake of His blessing of life eternal, we must sacrifice our base instincts and immediate gratification. We must live lives full of caring for the other, be it our own child, a neighbor, or a stranger who needs our help. We must study His ways so we know the path of righteousness and then we must follow it, often to the detriment of making money or achieving power over others. Forsaking or even limiting our instincts to hoard wealth and power is as meaningful a sacrifice as can be imagined and it is one that is still very much required of us.

We humans have an innate understanding that nothing meaningful can be achieved without meaningful sacrifice. We know that nothing good can or should come easy. Alas, that knowledge has been manipulated by evildoers since the dawn of civilization. Priests and false prophets from Mesopotamia to Mesoamerica have for many millennia abused their powers of observation and data manipulation to scare people into believing that the blessings that make possible their existence, the sun, the rain, will not come if sufficiently meaningful sacrifices are not made.

There is a perverse psychology associated with this phenomenon. The more meaningful and even horrific the sacrifice demanded by the priests, the more likely it is that the people will give it credence and oblige. A plate of corn kernels just does not have the same gravitas as the still beating heart of a warrior in his prime cut out from his chest mere seconds ago. The priest asking for the symbolic painless offering is more likely to be perceived as a false prophet than the one asking for the ultimate one.

Americans of the traditional and conservative bend are now laughing at the ridiculous emanations coming from overcrowded field of Democratic presidential contenders. But this is a huge mistake that we are making. People like Sanders, Warren, and Buttigieg are not morons, they are the very savvy priests of the modern cult of climate change, which of course if just another name for all the despotic world domination schemes that ever existed. These false prophets have no delusions as to their righteousness (and in that they are different from the Bolsheviks and the Nazis of old), they simply know that the greater and more precious the sacrifice, the more the uneducated and weak-willed among us will want to make it. The higher the price to forestall it, the more belief there will be that the end of days is near.

Not satisfied with the 20 trillion dollar price tag of their various green deals, they are now asking for actual human sacrifice, a sacrifice of the newborn or the soon to be born to be exact. The sacrifice they are demanding is no less than the extinction of the human race. In this, they are pioneers. The idols of old demanded human blood so that the rest of humanity could live and prosper. Their modern counterparts demand the extinction of humanity to that the newest and oldest false idol of all, Earth itself, can live and prosper. These new prophets of the earth cult have upped their game. Not for them is the sharing of power with secular authorities. They want it all and they want it now and if to get it they need people to believe that they themselves, that the entire Homo Sapiens species, is a deadly virus that needs to be eradicated, then so be it.

What makes this state of affairs so sad is that the traditionalists in our society from president Trump to both clergy and laity of the various churches are utterly defenseless against the sacrifice narrative of the globalist left. To their perverted ideas on sacrifice they can offer no answer. But that is only the way to perdition, not to victory. We human must sacrifice in order to live, that is unquestionably true. In the absence of those showing us the way to righteous sacrifice, we will follow those who lead us to its dark side.

We may have forgotten what righteous sacrifice is all about, but we need not look far to remember. I am sure that Trump’s own mother and father could teach him much about sacrifice and his own life, a life of abstinence from alcohol and drugs is another good example. It is high time that our traditional leaders asked us for some meaningful sacrifices. How about the sacrifice of living debt-free within our means? How about we stop looking for a bargain and start looking for quality and if we cannot afford it, simply put off the purchase. How about we consume much less and contemplate much more? How about we bring more children into this world and if that is too expensive to do in our neighborhood, move to a cheaper one?

The “economy” is just another false idol; it is not as vicious as the Molech of climate change, but it is evil nonetheless when it expands beyond its natural domain. Certainly, we all need jobs and a vibrant free market for goods and services, but we do not need negative interest rates so we can go even deeper in debt, debt that is nothing but a perverted sacrifice to the false idol of “the economy”. What happened to the old virtues of frugality, of living debt-free within your means, of saving without playing in the national casino of the “stock market”, but rather adding dollar to dollar under your mattress if need be?

True prosperity is not what we have in America today. True prosperity happens when we have honest meaningful work that allows us to put a roof over our heads and food on the table without drowning in debt and save something for a rainy day. True material prosperity is only a tool for the prosperity of the spirit, the only meaningful prosperity there can ever be.

We, on our side of the political chasm in America, talk much about freedom, but how free is someone whose home and means of transport are owned by a faceless globalist corporation to which he is bound to make monthly offerings? Our leaders must show us the way out of the dessert of this meaningless prosperity and into a true free market, a true capitalist and free society, a society in which honest labor and cash wages are what counts, not the prices of shares in corporations that want nothing but our destruction.

It will take much sacrifice to go back to the America of the 1950s and 1960s, an America in which only a few rich folks had shares in companies and all the modern conveniences, but also an America in which churches were full of worshipers and the Bible was actually preached from the pulpit. This sacrifice will be both meaningful and righteous and it must be made before we are all lost to the Molech of nihilist neo-Bolshevism that is so close to completing its stranglehold on America.

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Bill in NC September 8, 2019 at 11:59 am

Baruch, you urged us to have more children but your own bio mentions none. It appears that you haven’t walked your talk.

Staff September 8, 2019 at 12:52 pm

I have two daughters. Wanted more, but it was not to be.


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