Give Us This Day Our Daily Sausage: How Kielbasa Communism Doomed Russia To The Trash Heap Of History

Democrats in America want to lead us down the “do we really need” spiral that delegated Russia to third world status

The subject of every Russian’s highest aspirations: pork sausage
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When I was a kid in 1960’s USSR, the highest object of our ambitions was pork sausage. I mean we didn’t have other things too, like instant coffee or any kind of fresh fruits or vegetables in the winter months, let alone things like meat or fish, but sausage was more than just a food group, it was a symbol. Those, like my parents, who chose to try and ignore the pervasive Soviet propaganda, believed, or at least wanted to believe, that there were places in the world, perhaps in the magical “West”, where you could go to a store and simply buy sausage. For most Soviet citizens though, this was way beyond belief. It was a bridge too far.

I was reminded of this just now when a piece of Russian Twitter crossed my screen. It read something like: “Tell me you, nincompoop haters of the great Soviet Union, do you really NEED to eat sausage every day?” The hilarious part of this is that in the 1960’s USSR you were supposed to want that darn sausage and want it badly. It was just that the Soviet Communist Party had to first cleanse the country of counter-revolutionaries and saboteurs, then defeat, with no help from the treasonous West, the Hitlerite hordes, and then rebuild the country after its unprecedented destruction by the same.

Needless to say, nothing was mentioned of the wholesale destruction of Russian agriculture by the Bolsheviks or their murder of the entire senior officer corps of the Red Army, an action that certainly emboldened Hitler to attack when he did. Regardless of the propaganda, sausage and the need for it that fills every Russian’s soul was not disparaged; it was, on the contrary, elevated, exalted, and dangled in front of the Russian people as the symbol par excellence of the coming communist paradise in which everyone could have their daily kielbasa.

As it turned out, not only were the communists not able to deliver on their promise, they were the cause of a monumental collapse in which the Russian and later Soviet empires lost most of their sausage-making territories in places like Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus and delegated most of today’s Russians to live lives of no sausage, no real butter (palm oil is a much-maligned, but unavoidable substitute), and no hope for either.

As we well know from our own experience with home-grown communists like the folks running for the Democratic party nomination for the presidential election this fall, it is never communism’s fault. No, it is always the people that fail communism, not the other way around. It turns out that it was the lust for sausage that was the root cause for communism’s failure in Russia, not the failure of communism to make good on its sausage promises.

So here’s my advice to you: whenever someone starts a sentence with the words “do we really need”, as in do we really need to choose our own doctors or do we really need 500 types of breakfast cereals, run for the hills. If that guy or gal ever gets his or her way, you won’t have ANY doctors or breakfast cereals and it will happen much sooner than you think.

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