This Is Why The American Progressive Left Loves Violence But Abhors The Military

Democrats are using their shock troops Antifa and the violent criminals and terrorists they import from South America and the Muslim world to terrorize Americans into submission and foster a pre-revolutionary state of anarchy

Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy. Like many visionaries, he was reviled for telling the truth.
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America has not had the draft for many decades now and very few Americans, as percentage of the population, serve in the armed forces. Most American families do not know someone who is currently serving. Yet until very recently, until Trump’s election, the military was a unifying symbol, a source of pride, celebrated at sport events and more across the country.

What is the reason for that? One of the reasons is that the military, perhaps alone in today’s America, still unabashedly employs and uses every day the symbols of the American nation: the flag and the eagle. The military is a distillation of sorts of American nationalism. It is, or at least was, the one place were nationalism is allowed and even celebrated. American armed forces fight; that is their stated goal. Fight for whom, you may ask? Or for what? They fight to protect Americans and defend America’s interests, including financial interests, which often means intervening in far-away lands to make sure that the bad guys do not win.

Fighting for Americans, for America, implies that there is an American People, that there is an American Nation, and that America is a country that is worth defending, whose interests are worth protecting, even by force of arms, even in faraway lands, even at the cost of causing discomfort and even death to others.

But the military has another function, another idea that it symbolizes. The military (together with law enforcement) embodies the idea that deadly force, violence, is so disruptive to national survival that it must be practiced only people who are highly trained in its usage and more importantly are subject to a strict chain of command that goes all the way to the top of the Executive Branch, to the President of the United States.

The Second Amendment to the Constitution carves out an exception to this rule by acknowledging every American’s right to keep and bear arms because the denial of that right is not only unnatural and ungodly, but is also dangerous to society, as it encourages criminals and despots to hatch plans big and small to harm the interests of the regular citizen.

Nevertheless, the American Constitution does not contemplate or allow the use of ORGANIZED violence outside of the command structure provided for in its pages. The organization of violence outside of the constitutional framework is what the South did in 1861, it was at the core of its rebellion, though of course the debate on whether the South was legally or illegally thwarted in its right to secede from the Union will never be conclusively decided.

Bolsheviks and neo-Bolsheviks like today’s American progressive left abhor the military and law enforcement, but adore violence, including and even mostly, the organized kind. They abhor the military because the denial of nationalism is at the core of who they are and the pointy end of their globalist agenda. The military, as the premier agent of national power, as the embodiment of the national ideal, is always their first target. The Russian Bolsheviks, upon seizing power in a coup d’etat, immediately disbanded the Russian armed forces in the MIDDLE OF A WORLD WAR, while they were actually beginning to win and after major sacrifices had already been made. The Bolsheviks desperately pleaded with the Germans for a separate peace deal, ceding to them major territories for which millions of Russians had died over the course of two centuries.

The Bolsheviks then proceeded to hire out of work soldiers, dressing them in civvies, arming them with knives, clubs, and revolvers, setting them loose to terrorize the population under the loose command of of ideological officers and professional agent-provocateurs, known as politruks. There was no command structure, no responsibility, no written orders. To this day, nobody knows on whose command Tsar Nicholas II and his entire family and several retainers were slaughtered in the Ural city of Yekaterinburg in 1918. No written orders were issued and nobody can tell if Lenin, the head of state at that time, was even made aware of this war crime before it took place, let alone order it.

In today’s America, phrases like “punch a Nazi” of Antifa’s coinage or Joe Biden’s “smack him (Trump) in the mouth” are mainstream. A Nazi of course is anyone who disagrees, even somewhat, with the most extreme and rapidly escalating in their extremity Bolshevik views of the American neo-Bolsheviks better known as Democrats. Keep in mind, regardless of what they may say in public, these people love violence above all else and back its use against law-abiding unarmed civilians. The ideological and intellectual underpinnings for this are provided by respected establishment figures like Democratic politicians, the media, and academia. Harvard law professor Lawrence Tribe, who recently compared the tanks on the Washington Mall during the Fourth of July celebration to the tanks in Tienanmen Square and leading Democratic contenders for the presidency like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Bernie Sanders, are all on board with Antifa’s attacks of the American civilian population, as is the entire anchor and pundit core of the mainstream American media.

Like all Bolshevik tactics, the loosely organized, highly localized Bolshevik violence is a “boil the frog” tactic. Its purpose is to accustom the American populace to lawlessness, to living in fear, to feeling utterly powerless and not at all like empowered and free people who can defend themselves if need be and who live in a country of law and order. Carefully (for now) limiting their violent activities to those jurisdictions that they already politically control like Portland, Oregon, American neo-Bolsheviks avoid consequences to their violent assaults like the one against journalist Andy Ngo. Soon they will cause more harm, attack more people, get away with murder.

Antifa, made up as it is from over-privileged lazy white boys and girls, is only one of the trifecta of pestilence that the Democrats have unleashed on the American people. The other two pieces, the criminal Latin gangs and the Muslim terrorists and jihadists complete the picture. All three are allowed to operate in near complete immunity in jurisdictions run by Democrats while any efforts to curb their activities at the Federal level are thwarted by liberal federal courts and corrupt FBI brass.

Though very close, the American Bolsheviks known as Democrats are yet to fully admit to hating America, its Constitution, its Founding Fathers, and its very heart and soul, the Armed Forces. For now, they yet hide behind euphemisms and anachronisms such as their condemnation of slavery or the internment of American Japanese in WWII, condemnations that judge with jaundiced modern eyes actions and policies that were completely normal and acceptable in their own time. They hide behind condemnation of violence while themselves fostering and using it every single day against regular American citizens.

Russian Bolsheviks “boiled the frog” for many decades. Their efforts to destabilize and eventually destroy Russia began in the 1880’s and took three decades to culminate and bear their poisonous fruit. In America, these efforts started, as noted by the much maligned visionary Senator Joe McCarthy, in late 1950’s Hollywood, picked up steam in the so-called Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s and are now, six to seven decades later, very close to fruition.

There is no compromise with the cancer that is Bolshevism. There is no curing it with half measures and the time for that is long past anyway. We ignored many warnings from McCarthy and Eisenhower and Reagan to name but a few and are now in a do or die situation. Ask anyone who has lived in the USSR or in Cuba: dying is not a euphemism, it is very real unless you are lucky enough to escape with the clothes on your back. Let us not follow in the footsteps of the Russians, the Cubans, the Cambodians, the Venezuelans, or the Chinese. After all, we were bequeathed the greatest Bolshevik-slaying weapon that has ever existed, the US Constitution. For too long now we have allowed it to be suborned by our enemies; now is the time to reclaim it and use it the way it was meant to be used, to defeat tyranny and restore freedom.

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